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Corona del Mar Engagement- Danny Loves Jackie

Danny sold the cars and Jackie funded the deals. They talked on the phone and eventually they met. Danny asked her out, but Jackie did not want to mix business with pleasure and so she said, “No.” Yet… she missed him and would tell him. So Danny asked her out again. Once again he received the speech of how it was conflict to date because of work. So Danny let a month go by and lost touch until he sold another vehicle and once again he heard the words…”I missed you.” He asked her out again, adding the words…”as friends.” They met for lunch…”As friends,” and had a great time. The friendship date was over and the next one was real. Before going in to see the movie, Danny kissed her. Jackie’s response was, “What are you doing?” Danny answered, “Kissing you…Duh,” and kissed her again.
Fast forward a year, an exact year of that first date…August 19th, 2013. At Disneyland, in front of the castle Danny proposed. Jackie cried..She would never miss him again. She said, “Yes.”

Too see more pictures click HERE if their Cinematic Story does not appear below.

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Inland Empire Engagement Photography- Rich and Sarah

It was Halloween and Sarah was the only one in costume – Rosie the Riveter. Rich was running for the Monterey Navy Flying Club President. He didn’t know it then, but that day he would win the election and win in love.
They both got into an old T-34 Navy trainer plane. While strapping Sarah into the plane, Rich suddenly realized he was nervous. He didn’t get nervous easily. This was supposed to be a fun, goof around flight. It took a lot to rattle his nerves.
They took off and they “cloud surfed.” The plane dipped and soared like a roller coaster. Rich looked at Sarah in the mirror. He was on Cloud Nine. He knew at the moment, she would be the one for him. He took out his cell phone and took the picture of the woman he knew he would marry. Sarah smiled. Rich would always make her smile. He would treat her like she was the most special girl in the world and just like on that first flight, she would love his strength and always feel secure with him.
Even on the ground, as long as they had each other, they would always feel like they were flying. Love has wings.

Sarah and Rich… thank you so much for serving our country.

Special thanks to Jesse Ulloa for helping me on Christmas Eve as I captured this love story.

To see more pictures click here to see their cinematic story if it does not appear below.

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San Clemente Engagement- Travis loves Becca

Love already existed long before Travis and Becca were born. Their moms were best friends in high school. They played together as babies, toddlers and as young kids. Travis’ family moved and the last time Becca saw him was when she was 7, but as the years passed she saw his parents when they visited and heard stories about him. He was doing the same… hearing about her. Then, earlier this year Travis came to visit. The little boy had grown up to be a handsome man and the pretty little girl was now a beautiful woman. Two families again once hung out together for the weekend. The night before Travis left, he kissed Becca catching her off guard. She had been having a great time, but taking it there had not crossed her mind. Travis flew to Colorado first thing in the morning and for the next few days they texted and talked non-stop on the phone. The following weekend, Becca was on a plane to see Travis cross a marathon finish line. That race had ended, but the love marathon was about to begin. Two states divided them, but they didn’t go more than two weeks without seeing each other. Their relationship was easy and fun…just as it had been when they were innocent kids playing. They knew so much about each other and their families. They loved each other. So after three months, Travis in a crowded restaurant got down on one knee and asked Becca to marry him. Becca said yes to the love of her life.

To see a lot more pictures click here to see their Cinematic Love Story if it does not appear below.

To see their Wedding Pictures click HERE

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  • ayeshawhat a lovely story and set of photos! the ones nearing sunset by the water/pier are especially stunning – gorgeous light. adorable couple, the love is so plain to see!ReplyCancel

  • Kellee WalshThe way they look at each other is beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • rahulCute couple…really love your punchy black and whites especially!ReplyCancel

  • Daniel H.Great looking couple! Beautiful photos.ReplyCancel

  • JacobBeautiful Engagement and Wedding Photography!ReplyCancel

Claremont Engagement- Milano and Kristen

The first time they met was in Chemistry class… but there was no chemistry between them. They were only two cool kids who asked about each other’s softball games. It wasn’t until years later when they hung out with a mutual friend that the sparks actually started. But what do you do when the person you enjoy spending time with, the one you think about constantly, the one you miss minutes after you leave is going away… faraway. Do you end it or do you value every phone call, every message, every text, every visit? Do you grow closer and learn more about that person because you end up sharing every emotion, every thought with every word you type?
Kristen had gotten a soft ball scholarship and was moving across the country. They would be apart only three months into dating. The decision was made to enter into a long distance relationship. Somehow, they knew it would work. They knew they belonged together so much so that the day Kristen went to buy a card celebrating their one year anniversary, she also bought a card celebrating their one year wedding anniversary. She knew he would be her husband and Milano had already decided to love her forever.
Since finding love had been so easy for them, the proposal had to be something that Kristen searched for… a scavenger hunt. Once all the items had been found and the clues were shown, the words, “Will you marry me?,” were before her. Kristen said, “Yes,” to what she already knew.

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