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Lorimar Winery Engagement: Orlando loves Evelyn

Sometimes love has a plan and destiny helps it. Orlando and Evelyn met through a mutual friend. Orlando asked her if she went to the same church his mom attended. Evelyn did and had seen his mother there. The following Sunday, Orlando was at church with his mom. He asked her to a Dodger game. Three months later, at that same church, he would ask her to be his girlfriend. Before they had met, Orlando’s mom had been trying to get them to meet… perhaps she had even made a silent prayer in that church. Now her prayer had been answered. Her son had met the woman he would fall in love with and ask to marry.
It was Christmas Eve and Evelyn had asked for Ray Ban Sunglasses. Orlando had put the ring box in the sunglass holder. Knowing that Evelyn was shy, it was a private moment.. no crowds only them… and love and destiny. Evelyn said, “Yes!” to forever.

Special thanks to Lorimar Winery for allowing us to capture these memories on their beautiful property.

This Love Story was captured by: A Story in Time Photography- Jessie Cadenas and Amanda Dyell with the photography assistance of Jesse Ulloa.

If you are interested in having A Story in Time Photography capturing your Love or Wedding Story, please contact us using the button at the top of this post. Thank you for considering us! Blessed to do what we love!

Orlando loves Evelyn

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