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Mt. Baldy Engagement: Corey loves Brittany

Brittany walked through the halls of Chaffey College and got a glimpse of the cutest guy she had ever seen. One night on Facebook, Corey came up on a mutual friends list. She stared at his picture and his name and pressed the friend request button. For Corey, it was love at first sight and he messaged Brittany. Soon they were texting and meeting in person on campus. Their first date was to the movies, but neither can remember what movie it was, what they do remember was that they agreed on the same things. They had similar goals and dreams. They even loved the same sports teams.
Brittany’s favorite movie was Titanic. So, of course, it would be at the Queen Mary where Corey would propose on their 6 year anniversary. Corey waited for it to be a little after sunset to walk around the boat. By the time they got to one of the upper decks, it was night time and they were standing near a guard rail, looking at the city lights. Corey helped Brittany get a better view. Within in a minute or two he tapped her lower back and she turned around to see him on one knee. He asked her “Will you be my Rose?”
The moment became surreal… They both teared up in a priceless moment of joy. It felt as if no one else was around, as if the moment was lasting for hours. What could have been a scene from a movie was instead very real…just like their love. Corey and Brittany are getting married!

This Love Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography. To see more pictures click the play button below.

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    Mt. Baldy Engagement- Robert loves Rosie

    Rosie was getting ready to leave the party when Robert walked in. The first thing she noticed were his shoes. Yes. Shoes. She was a shoe girl and his were nice and clean. Then she noticed how great he smelled. The flirting began and numbers were exchanged and suddenly they were driving to the mountains for a first kiss. Plans for a real first date were underway.

    Rosie admits to being ill- tempered and a bit impatient, so when Robert showed up SUPER late, she was ready to blow him off and cancel, but Robert from the beginning knew how to calm her down. Rosie found herself loving his patience and his sense of humor. While walking along the beach, she realized that what she had decided would be their first and last date would instead be the first of many. She was falling in love. What she didn’t know then was that Robert had been in love with from the moment he had seen her.

    Destiny would throw a couple of crazy curb balls their way and they would become main protagonists in a Telenovela (a Spanish Soap Opera), but true love conquers all. Love does not make perfect people, love makes people perfect for each other.

    To see more pictures click HERE if their Cinematic Love Story does not appear below:

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