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Mt. Baldy Engagement Session: Michael loves Taline

Michael played the video of the Taline high-kicking a taco piñata on the Hinge App and knew immediately that he had to meet her. She was beautiful and fun. A date was set up at Grand Central Market. Over Filipino food at the Sari Sari Store, they held the first of many conversations. Taline was very intrigued by Michael. Besides his good looks, he had some really good stories. He was funny. He seemed like a genuine, nice person. She felt like they could talk for hours… and they did until the restaurant closed. Taline knew that she wanted to keep hanging out with him. Michael left that night feeling excited about having met her, yet also comfortable.

Michael soon learned that she had that effect on people. She was thoughtful, fun and … magnetic. Strangers coming up to them, complimenting her on one of her many fun outfits would become instant friends. Michael loved how incredibly thoughtful she was, and she had the best memory of anyone he knew. Taline could pick up a conversation exactly where it was left off, even if it was a friend or acquaintance they haven’t seen in months. She genuinely cared so much for the people in her life.

Taline loved Michael because he was adventurous, kind, thoughtful, fun and true to himself. It became even more clear what an awesome, amazing person she had found because of the way he could always make her feel better. She loved how his brain worked. He was always problem solving and learning and thinking up new and exciting ways to have fun. She loved how he thought of other people, how he had so much compassion for others. He was kind and sweet and supportive and so so loving.He made her laugh every night. He was like a natural mood lifter. They would go on all these amazing adventures, but for Taline the best part were always the conversations.

Michael knew that he was so lucky to have Taline. She lit up the world around her and he always wanted be part of that world. So on a weekend away to the Central Coast, Michael asked Taline to go on a quick hike. They hiked to a spot that overlooks all of Morro Bay and Cayucos. It would be there, that Michael would get down on one knee and spill his heart, in a thought out speech. Taline of course said, “Yes!,” to a lifetime of adventures with him.


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