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Oak Glen Engagement: Pedro loves Ashley

The pretty girl with the beautiful smile in class had caught his eye. If Pedro was waiting for the right time to talk her, it came early. Their Humanities professor put them in the same group. After class, Pedro approached her to ask her out. Before he could say anything, Ashley stuttered, “Do you want to borrow my book?” In the end, Ashley agreed to go out with him, but strangely, they never exchanged numbers. As luck would have it, the day that they planned on going out after class, Ashley was late. To make matters worse, class was cancelled. Pedro waited. Left. Ashley showed up, not to find him. If this is the usual scene for every other romantic story where two star crossed lovers can not meet, what happened at the next class was far from it. Ashley came to class and said hello to Pedro as if nothing had happened. Pedro passed her a note that said, “Why did you ditch me as*#%le?” Ashley read the note and gasped in shock and said, “I’m not an as*#%le.” They stared, smiled at each other and laughed. They would always make each other smile and laugh. They left class that day together and together they would remain.

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