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Cherry Valley Wedding: Daniel and Erin

Erin put on her make up. A few feet away, Daniel played and dressed their son. She peeked out and smiled. The man she loved today would be her husband. Their beginning had started at an ending for both of them. He needed to buy a house, she was selling hers and so it had begun.

Daniel left the house with the ring bearer. Erin would join them soon. She would tap Daniel on the shoulder and he would turn to see his bride for the first time. Family joined in and surrounded them. With her daughter, Addie at her side and their son Griffen in Daniel’s arms their first family wedding picture was taken. They caravanned to a hill top. Old french doors, a sofa, a vintage typewriter Daniel’s excitement only grew more when his son paused to pick up, “Shiny things,” and then proceeded to run to his father’s arms carrying a sign that read, “Daddy here comes your love!” The song, “This is it,” played. “Way up in the mountains, four thousand feet high…” Erin stopped on the aisle and did her, “I love you,” hand sign to him they did daily to each other. Daniel’s faced filled with emotion as Erin made her way to him. When it came time for vows, he had to turn away from the crowd. Erin hugged him as he read. They also exchanged vows for their children. Daniel gave his daughter a necklace. Together as a family, they created art. Four colors came together to form a masterpiece. They exchanged rings and kissed and Addie rang a bell. Their family and friends circled them for a group picture.

A top a hillside, Erin and Daniel had begun their forever.

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