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Corona Skyline Engagement: Rueben loves Sammy

He was the football player, but she wasn’t the cheerleader. She was the water girl. Rueben noticed her the moment she she entered the team’s weight room. Even though Sammy found him cute, she friend zoned him. They became best friends. Everyone, including their mothers, kept seeing that there was so much more there. But Sammy did not want to ruin the friendship. She was in denial

It would be at a friend’s 18th birthday party when Rueben edged out of the friend zone and onto Sammy’s heart. He kissed her. Sammy admitted that it was the best feeling ever. The next day, she could not stop thinking about it. Officially, she became his girlfriend on her birthday. Up on a hill, with a view of Corona below and a star studded sky above, Rueben made it clear that Sammy was so much more than a friend. Sammy could no longer deny what she felt for Rueben either.

The feelings that Sammy had for Rueben became stronger as she realized that the man who loved her were the same reasons she had kept him as a friend. He showed her a huge amount of respect, kept her motivated when things got tough and always knew how to keep her laughing. He always believed in her no matter what she did in her life. Their faith made them stronger together.

Rueben knew he wanted Sammy beside him forever. So he took her on a trip to San Diego to go Parasailing. Up above, enjoying the ocean view, Sammy thought of how amazing it was to be loved by Rueben. They landed. And that’s when all of Rueben’s carefully laid plans went wrong. Rueben wanted Sammy to turn the corner with him to check the prices for paddle boarding, but Sammy was barefoot, wet and just wanted to get her things together, so she went up the staircase instead leaving Rueben looking shocked. As Sammy turned the corner, she saw her best friend. She asked, “What the heck are you doing here?” Her best friend stood there with her mouth wide open. Sammy turned to see Rueben kneeling down. She burst into tears. An entire crowd, consisting of family and friends came out cheering, holding a sign that said, “Will you marry me?” The proposal had not gone as expected, but then again Love never follows rules. Sammy said, “yes,” to her best friend.

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  • AndreaWhat Beautiful love story ! You deserve your forever Sammy!! Miss you so much ❤️ReplyCancel

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