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Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement: Navid loves Carla

The way to say, “Hello,” and “I love you,” in Hawaiian is the same… Aloha. For Navid, that Aloha was the second. He fell in love with Carla the moment he saw her. They were both in the Air Force training…actually, they were playing volleyball. Navid kept his feelings to himself, he was shy and quiet.
The next day, Carla went out with friends and Navid went souvenir shopping. Carla stepped into a store to buy gum and saw him. There was no gum, only a guy who would find any excuse to spend time with her. They walked from store to store searching for gum, but instead finding new things to talk about. After that night, they never stopped talking. They both had met the love of their life.
Nothing could keep them apart..distance, school, work. They would have a long distance relationship for the next two years, including Carla being deployed to Africa. There would be phone calls, care packages and the promise that they would be together soon. The distance only made the relationship stronger. Carla came back from Africa only to a lie. Navid had told her he would not be there…that the Air Force had sent him away. Carla did not expect to see him, but instead there he was, next to her parents. Navid asked Carla to marry him. Carla said, “Yes,” to her best friend, her partner in crime and the man who loved her the day he laid eyes on her.

Thank you Navid and Carla for your service.

This Love Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography. If you would like to consider the photographers of A Story in Time Photography, please contact us by using the botton at the top of the page.

To see more pictures from this session click HERE or click the play button below.

Navid and Carla’s Gallery

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  • Tania MaldonadoMuchas felicidades Karlita le deseamos toda clase de éxitos a usted y su esposo formaban una hermosa pareja que diosito ilumine su diario caminar y guien de sabiduría sus vidas…. Con mucho amor comprensión y respeto… Le queremos y recordamos con mucho cariñoReplyCancel

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