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Wrightwood Guest Ranch Wedding: Lisa and Byron

They wanted a happy reason to remember September 11th and so getting married on this date for this patriotic couple made sense. It would be an intimate wedding. Their closest family and friends would be by their side. Under a 250 year old tree that had been hit by lightening and divided would unite them. Byron waited for his bride anxiously waiting for her to arrive. He turned at the very last moment to see her being walked by her daddy and son. And of course, Lisa stuck her tongue out him and he laughed. Vows included the love for hockey teams and more blankets for Karlee… their adorable dog. This is the type of love that is real. The kind of love where snuggling on the sofa with an over grown forever puppy with the man you love will come first. It’s the kind of love where you make a funny face before kissing him. The kind of love that last forever.

wrightwood-ranch-wedding_0096 wrightwood-ranch-wedding_0097 wrightwood-ranch-wedding_0098 wrightwood-ranch-wedding_0099

Venue: Wrightwood Guest Ranch
Hair and Make Up: Hello Gorgeous Beauty Bar

This Wedding Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography-Jessie Cadenas and Amanda Dyell. If you are interested in having our photographers capture your Love or Wedding Story, please contact us using the button at the top of this post. Blessed to do what we love!

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