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Happy Birthday Stephanie!

A few years ago, a girl walked into It’s a Grind with the hope of learning Wedding Photography Business from me. I ruled her out as a stalker and claimed her as my best friend. She is fun, caring, an extremely good listener, and an amazing assistant and photographer. For so many reasons I love her.  Here they are…

Happy Birthday Stephanie_3454

I love her because she sits and pretends to be a bride while I find my settings…

Because of  her amazing sense of fashion.

I love her because she let’s me be me.   Happy Birthday Stephanie_3455

Because she never makes fun of me because I tear up during the emotional parts of the wedding. Many times she’s crying right next to me.

Because my clients love her.

 Because she works well with others…

Because she can hold a reflector, a diffuser, hold a water bottle, hang a wedding dress, hold a led light and still smile at he end of the night holding a sparkler.

Whether she’s working as my second photographer or as my assistant, she is amazing.

And though even sometimes she looks at me with a look that says, “What the heck are you doing?,”…


I know she will hold my hand through it all…

Happy Birthday STEP ON ME!!!  Blessed to do what I love and have you in my life!

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