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First Year Baby Pictures- Brooke

They had heard the name Brooke ever since they started dating and just knew if they had a daughter they would name her Brooke. Her middle name came from her mommy’s obsession with Paris. Her daddy proposed to her mommy at the Eiffel Tower in Vegas. And so on June 12, 2015 Brooke Paris Ruiz was born.

She loves wearing her headbands, going to restaurants especially Benihanas & loves to clap when the Chef puts on a show! She loves to go visit Daddy at work at Toys R Us.

At the age of one, her favorite food is anything and everything with tomato along with crackers. She can walk with one hand support but tries to run. She says, “Mama & Papa,” and has Daddy wrapped around her little finger! People love talking to her. She isn’t shy and loves attention.

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