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Los Angeles Engagement Photography- Manny loves Monique

This is one of those love stories where he was looking at her, but she was looking at his roommate and the roommate was looking at her too, but neither of them knew it.

Monique had met Manny’s roommates and with her friends, she hung out with them. One of them had a crush on her, but she wasn’t interested. One day, on her 19th birthday, on an outing for ice cream, those roommates introduced her to Manny. Manny’s first words to Monique would be a mumbled, “Happy Birthday.” Manny even bought Monique an ice-cream, in the attempt of helping his crushing roommate but the roommate admitted that Manny had bought the ice-cream. Manny had told his roommate, “Even if a girl says, ‘No,’, still get her something, especially if it’s her birthday and you’re trying to date her!” Manny just stood behind his friends the rest of the time and didn’t say a word. “Bye,” at the end was the most Monique would hear from him…

From time to time, Monique would see Manny come and go. He would literally just come and 5 minutes later leave. Manny was usually off to see his girlfriend or his parents. Meanwhile Manny’s roommate continued his countless and unsuccessful tries to sweep Monique of her feet. Monique started to look forward to seeing Manny and hearing his clever jokes. His, “yo what ups,” had turned into “Mooooooooe! Hey!,” as he petted her on the head.

They were still friends. Monique even met Manny’s girlfriend. It turned out Manny had a lot in common with Monique. It would be a silly game where Manny and Monique would keep getting the same answers and saying them at the same time. This would lead to their first real conversation, some dates and eventually a kiss.
Nothing was official and they ended up moving away from each other because of school, but every time they saw each other, Monique realized that he was the only person she could talk to about anything, act like herself, and feel confident. He was the guy that made her laugh, get her corny jokes, and could tolerate her often dramatic/emotional self!

After 2 years of knowing each other and unofficial dating, Manny unexpectedly left a present at her door. It was a box filled with things about the corny jokes. Everything after that made Monique love Manny more.

He would take her around LA to see new things, experience new places… they loved each other so much that they made a baby unexpectedly 6 months later. As always, the best part of any love story is the unexpected. Monique still jokes that he should have never bought her that ice cream and Manny knows, it’s the best thing he ever did.

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