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Oak Glen Engagement- José and Stephanie

It was a Halloween Party. Stephanie was dressed as Chuckie (yes that would be a evil looking possessed doll) and José had on his Army Uniform. Jose’s friend had noticed Stephanie the moment she had walked in, but she found him a bit arrogant and was relieved when José asked her to Dance. They immediately became friends. It took four dates and a beautiful sunset for them to have their first kiss. José knew he would never kiss another girl again.
He told Stephanie that it was his friend’s birthday and picked her up in a limo. Stephanie did not want to go and thought that a limo was too much for someone’s birthday. Annoyed and upset she got in without make-up. (Half way to the Queen Mary, she asked the limo driver to stop at a Walgreens.) Dinner overlooking a beautiful ocean view for only two people became a little more obvious that it was not a birthday party. Jose dropping to one knee holding a ring asking her a question finally made it clear to her that she was the reason an entire restaurant was staring. She said, “Yes!

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