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Corona del Mar Engagement- Danny Loves Jackie

Danny sold the cars and Jackie funded the deals. They talked on the phone and eventually they met. Danny asked her out, but Jackie did not want to mix business with pleasure and so she said, “No.” Yet… she missed him and would tell him. So Danny asked her out again. Once again he received the speech of how it was conflict to date because of work. So Danny let a month go by and lost touch until he sold another vehicle and once again he heard the words…”I missed you.” He asked her out again, adding the words…”as friends.” They met for lunch…”As friends,” and had a great time. The friendship date was over and the next one was real. Before going in to see the movie, Danny kissed her. Jackie’s response was, “What are you doing?” Danny answered, “Kissing you…Duh,” and kissed her again.
Fast forward a year, an exact year of that first date…August 19th, 2013. At Disneyland, in front of the castle Danny proposed. Jackie cried..She would never miss him again. She said, “Yes.”

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