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Fairmount Park Engagement- Elizabeth and Andrew

Elizabeth knew she had his love. It was something she never wanted to lose and so she said, “No.” She said, “No,” every time her best friend asked her out. He insisted over the years, but she did not want to risk losing his friendship and ultimately losing him. So friends they stayed…sharing, caring, listening, helping each other. Andrew was done. He loved her. And so for the last time he asked her. Elizabeth didn’t answer right away. She told him he would have his answer on Myspace. (Okay.. at this point this photographer is shaking her head. Really Elizabeth? You put him through all this and he still has to go home and check on the internet? Jeesh. He loves you.) The answer on the computer screen for all to see was, “Yes!” And then on Christmas Day, once again Andrew had another question for her. In front of both of their families, he gave her a scrapbook that detailed chapters in their life: meeting her in high school, falling in love with his best friend, their first kiss, the last chapter said, “Marriage,” and it was blank. Andrew dropped to one knee and said, “You’ve been my best friend for the past ten years, the best girlfriend for the last six. Will you continue writing our story? Will you marry me?” This time Elizabeth said, “Yes!” right away.

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