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Disneyland Engagement- Chris and Melissa

Of the all the sports bars in the world, she had to walk into his. It was the playoffs and the Spurs were playing the Lakers. Melissa needed to see the game. If she waited until she got home, half of the game would be over, so she found a sports bar and the only seat left was next to him. Chris was not looking to pick up anyone that day, but soon he was impressed with the girl who knew the player’s names, the stats and who was yelling at the players. She was definitely his type of girl. (Guess Chris wouldn’t be impressed with me. I think the Super Bowl is when the Dodgers play the Lakers and everybody yells, “Goal!,” when someone scores a hole in one. Sigh..) He asked Melissa to another sports bar for the next game. She didn’t realize it was a date, but soon they were talking more than watching what was on the screen. It had to be true love if they were both distracted from the game.

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