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University of Redlands Wedding- Janet and Ty’s Fairy Tale

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale, were the words on the invitation.
There were no evil stepsisters, no frogs to kiss just an amazing love story witnessed before family and friends. Ty and Janet got married!

Shoes Cinderella would be jealous of…

No Fairy Godmothers but lots of helpful bridesmaids.

The Prince also got ready.


The University of Redlands was the backdrop for this beautiful wedding.

And so it began…

Janet was walked down the stairs by her father in law and then her mom walked her the rest of the way to her Ty.

Swearing before Family and Friends to love one another forever…

Love’s First Kiss!

The University of Redlands is a beautiful and enchanting place that makes dreams come true.

Cinderella lost her shoe!

Every Fairy Tale has those supporting characters: 7 dwarves, mice… but Ty and Janet had instead an awesome bridal party.

The Royal Ball..

And they started the journey of living happily ever after…

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  • Evan PapaiI love you guys sooooo much!!!! You two are some of the closest people in my life and I am so happy for both of you. You two are truly a perfect couple. I am sitting in your house right now and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!!! Much love to the best couple in the world and may you trust in God and in each other for the rest of your lives. Love you


  • James PrattCongratulations Ty and Janet!! You guys are amazing!! Your Wedding was SO beautiful!! And Jessie, your photos are ROCKIN’!!!!! SO INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS!!! : )ReplyCancel

  • Christine & Mark StaffordCongrats Ty and Janet! What a beautiful wedding! We <3 you!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle WelterJanet and Ty, first I would like to say how honored I am to have been able to be apart of such an amazing milestone of yours lives. You both are the best couple I know and I am so happy that you have one another. Congratulations and I LOVE YOU BOTH!!ReplyCancel

  • Joseph AbarcaI LOVE YOU GUYS!!!ReplyCancel

  • Joe SuazoTy and Janet. Words cant describe the love I have for you guys!! May you both be blessed with God’s awesome love and joy for many many years to come. Stay the awesome and loving and caring people you are. Your both such a amazing treasure in Trinity’s heart and mine. “Forever Love is what you as a couple project and share.” Xoxox

    Love you guys with all m y heart God Bless you forever

    Joe n Trinity <3ReplyCancel

  • KERRY & PATRICIA PAPAIWell, Ty and Janet we have so much to say. That means I can go on and on what I really think of you two. First of all. We want thank you for being there when we had our mishap this past December. Both of you had welcomed Patricia and I in your home. Oh I forgot the doggies too. For this God will pay back double for the things you do for people. For everything you’ve done for people is very noticeable upon the people around you. So may God give you two the love, finance, and a child soon that you deserve.
    We love you two so much,
    Kerry and PatriciaReplyCancel

  • Luis GodinezKudos on the wedding. I love the ‘fairy tale’ theme to it.ReplyCancel

  • Ryan BrenizerI love the expressions and the composition in the groomsmen shot. It looks like a comic book cover.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa NovakowskiThis looks like a fun group! The groomsmen shot is hilarious, and I’m impressed at your posing of such a big wedding party.ReplyCancel

  • KyleHaha, that groomsmen shot rocks!ReplyCancel

  • gabe acevesnicely done. you really knocked out those group shots!ReplyCancel

  • adam @ shutterspeedster.comCute couple! Great work, Cinderella WOULD be jealous of those shoes!ReplyCancel

  • HeatherWonderful job! That dress is just stunning, she looks so amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Joey ChandlerLooks like this was a beautiful day and you did a great job of capturing it. I really like the shots of him getting ready – he just looks so cool. Nice work.ReplyCancel

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