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Janet and Ty are Engaged!

In your eyes, I see my Soulmate. In your arms, I am at home. In our world, I’ve found a Love to last forever. ” That quote defines Janet and Ty.

They met working at Target. He was the guy that all the girls wanted. Janet was quiet. So while everyone was checking out Ty, his eyes were on Janet. Their first date was at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night and from there on they have never been apart. Their love was so obvious in every picture I took.

We spent the afternoon in Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena.

Janet is sweet and has the prettiest voice. Ty is always there to protect her and treats her like a princess. It’s no wonder their wedding will be a fairy tale.

I loved hearing all of their plans and I loved the fact that Ty was just as involved and excited with the wedding.

Passion, true love…

Janet and Ty are the kind of couple who give you energy. You love to be around them. You spend time with them and you feel you’ve known them for years. You can’t just be their photographer. You are their friend.

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