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University of Redlands Wedding-The Alumni House

He took out his cell phone as she walked the aisle towards him. “I had the best view. No one else could see what I was seeing.” What he was seeing was love.. happiness… she was about to be his forever.  They literally smiled through their entire wedding… except maybe for the minute that she pretended to steal  his groom cake… and then it was laughter once again.

Dress: La Soie Bridal

Florist for Bouquets and Center Pieces: O&J Wholesale Flowers

Florist for Ceremony, House and Sweetheart Table: Memo’s Gift Shop

Personal Wedding Planner: Cherice Calhoun

DJ: DJ R-Tistic









Cake: Lindmair Bakery

Caterer: Bon Appetit

Photo Booth: New Vision Photobooths

Officiant: John Epps

Candy Bar: Joyce Johnson – 1 (310) 738-0324

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Prospect Park Engagement- Adam and Shannon

I’ve never been inside of a bowling alley. I’m serious! It’s okay, I actually want to sky dive before I go bowling. But that’s a whole other story. Adam and Shannon’s love story actually started in a bowling alley. Shannon was there with her friends celebrating a bachelorette party when Adam walked in. Immediately his eyes went to the pretty blond with the amazing smile. Not sure if anyone scored a strike that night…but I know love was found.

To see more pictures click here to see their cinematic story if it does not appear below.

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  • MaryI don’t know the bride, but she looks absolutely amazing in these photographs!! She has such a beautiful smile and looks so happy. Not to mention, I’m totally envious of her killer legs a mile long! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • JacobLove how you used the sun and the tree! She is beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Joseph Hall Bristol Wedding PhotographyLovely photos of the whole family!! Great light shots and so natural and relaxed – lovely!ReplyCancel

  • Martin PriceFabulous set of images, so relaxed and great use of light!ReplyCancel

  • EricaI love the romantic feel of the pictures with the sun flare by the tree! Congratulations Shannon and Adam.ReplyCancel

University of Redlands Engagement Photography- Keith and Olivia

Love sometimes whispers…yearning to be heard and to be understood.
Olivia and Keith had been working at the same Target for a while, but had never seen each other. She first noticed him. He on the other hand was oblivious, caught up in the drama of of life to notice the pretty girl who kept talking to him.
Love sometimes mumbles…only because what is being said has to repeated.
Like the time, Keith first said, “I love you,” to Olivia and her response was, “What?”
Love sometimes requests an audience…
As when Keith went to talk to Olivia’s dad asking permission to ask for her hand and he kind of changed the subject. Hie parents did the same.
Love is a secret held by two that must be told.
(So family, here on this blog you are about to know the truth.)
It was Christmas… and Keith had bought the ring. There, alone in their room, he gave her a box, dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. She said, “Yes!” They were engaged. They kept it a secret. Their families would believe that it would happen almost two months later on Valentine’s Day…only Keith’s grandmother would recognize the ring.
Love might whisper and mumble, but in the end those that it truly belongs to…hear it clearly.

Too see more pictures click here on their cinematic story if it does not appear below.

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Claremont Colleges-Engagement Session

They actually didn’t like each other the first time they met or so they thought. Turned out he lived close by, so on a day she needed a friend to hang out with, she invited him to the Farmer’s Market. They stopped to buy Mother’s Day Cards and soon they were acting them out in the aisle. Now, they are getting married…

To see more pictures, click here to see the Cinematic Story if it does not appear below.

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University of Redlands Engagement- Shaylla and Adam

How many years have to pass before she realizes you were the one? How far does someone have to be so that you long to be with him? How much distance needs to exist before you are close to one another? Shaylla and Adam have learned the answers to those questions along their journey.
They met in high school. Adam had a crush on her and asked Shaylla to the Homecoming Dance senior year but Shaylla was not interested. She was insecure, shy and intimidated by the prospect… but she remained his friend.
Graduation came and they went their separate ways. Then two and half years later, they reconnected on Myspace. Shaylla had moved to California. Adam was still in Washington. Soon they were calling and texting everyday. This went on for six months. Then June 2008, Adam was stationed in Fort Irwin, California for a few weeks of desert training in preparation of being sent out to Iraq. He was only 125 miles away! Shaylla made the two and half hour trip to see him and Adam snuck away from his unit to see her. Yes.. their first date… and kiss were forbidden.
On October 2008, Adam was deployed to Iraq. First stop Kuwait. It was over the phone that Adam asked Shaylla to be his girlfriend. Calling..Skyping.. Spending his weeks of leave together and finally he was home.. and his home had to be with Shaylla. Two years and three dogs later, Adam proposed. In a candle lit cabin in Big Bear spread with rose petals, Adam got down on one knee and Shaylla started crying. Years ago, she had said, “No,” to a Homecoming Dance, but on April 21, 2012, she said, “Yes,” to Forever.

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  • Christian LeeAmazing work. I love the mix of formal & casual…not to mention the bum grabbing. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • danI love the whole set. Fantastic lighting on 016!ReplyCancel

  • Beth NWhat a cute couple!!! Awesome work Jesse!!!! Love the pictures with the flowers surrounding the couple. Well done!!!ReplyCancel

  • YvonneAbsolutely beautiful pictures!
    Shaylla is gorgeous as always wow!
    Adam’s looking mighty fine as well.
    Loving the photography, great job!ReplyCancel

  • BarbaraWow Beautiful pictures… Love the way you told their story also.ReplyCancel

  • JasonWow, these guys are cute. Gorgeous, in fact! Really great relaxed, casual feel to these images. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • kennyreally like the sequence of images among the chrysanthemumsReplyCancel

  • sachin khonaDamn .. that’s one heck of rock!

    Beautiful set of images!ReplyCancel

  • MercedesSeriously cute couple. You really have a talent for getting people comfy in front of your camera!ReplyCancel

  • TomGreat pictures … and love the story! Looking forward to November!ReplyCancel

  • PaulLove the last monochrome image.ReplyCancel

  • Avelaine ScyrupCute story and cute couple! She’s got a really beautiful face. You captured them well!ReplyCancel

  • adam housemanShaylla and Adam, you two look amazing. I love all of them.ReplyCancel

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