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La Hacienda Tivoli Wedding- Kimberlie and Alex

Kimberlie made the bouquet she carried and the unique bracelets for each of her bridesmaids. Each tag said, “Love is Sweet.” And if you have what Kimberlie and Alex have….Love is. As Alex said at their reception, “Those that have love are lucky. I have it.”
They were married by Alex’s grandmother. She made sure Alex said the vows right when Alex said, “For richer or for richer.” And at the end of the ceremony, Alex kissed his grandmother before he left the altar with his new wife.
Kimberlie and Alex are an incredible, fun couple.. I know that on their wedding day they made out in a fast car and jumped on a bed. I got the pictures to prove it.

The groom’s grandfather made that two Madonnas one gold and one silver for his great grandmother. Both Madonna’s have been passed down to the women in their family.  It was his wish that all the brides in the family (starting with his daughters) wear the gold madonna on their wedding day. Each bride of the family or marrying into the family has  either worn it or pinned it into their dresses.  Kim makes the 10th bride to wear the Madonna in the family.

Va…va…room! That is one beautiful car. 

Our cameras got to follow the bride and groom to their hotel. Kimberlie and Alex… you are amazing! 

Hair and Make-up to make Kimberlie even more beautiful: Hairwaves
The amazing venue: La Hacienda- Tivoli
The Flowers: The bride herself.
The DJ that did not let the party stop!: Showcase DJ
The Cake! (Mmmm good): Tasteful Cakes
The Honeymoon Hotel: Annabella Hotel
The Photographers that captured the wedding story!: A Story in Time PhotographyJessie Cadenas, Bill Rheaume and Lauren Olmos

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