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Temecula Creek Inn Wedding: Chad and Tracey

The walk up the aisle was long. Tracey walked from the Stone House, over the bridge to where Chad waited with his back turned. When she reached the beginning of the aisle, Chad turned and saw his bride. His face filled with emotion and then his infamous, mischievous smile spread on his face. They stood before Kyle, Tracey’s brother who officiated, and they promised to love each other forever. Moments later they were toasting with their family and bridal party. The day before it had rained, but no one cared about the mud. Their first dance would be unconventional…. Chad moshed around Tracey. It would be no surprise that Chad’s mom would also have moves for her Mother-Son Dance. All of Chad and Tracey’s family and friends crowded on the dance floor for a group picture. The party celebrating their beginning of forever had begun.

“A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we love….forever… in a Story in Time.”

Venue: Temecula Creek Inn.

Coordinator: Sara Carter from 9 Twenty Eight Wedding & Events

Hair and Make up: Make up by Tawny

Florist: Tre Fiori Floral Studio

DJ: Ricky Hays from Vox DJs

Photography: A Story in Time Photography

This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography. If you are interested in your Engagement or Wedding Story being captured, please contact us using the contact button at the top of this post or HERE.

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    Secluded Garden Wedding: Guillermo and Roxane

    Guillermo’s emotions were running high. He was late…late to his wedding. In just a few moments he was scheduled to see the woman he would vow to love forever and he still hadn’t put on his purple striped socks. He hugged his mom and she cried. Not because she was sad, but because she knew that her son’s happiness was only minutes away. Roxane slowly walked up to him. Her niece peeked through the window witnessing the event. Roxane tapped Guillermo on the shoulder, he turned and she wiped a tear away. “You’re beautiful,” he told her. She smiled and calmed him. In a few moments, they would be married. She would be walked up the aisle by her mother and father in a standing room only ceremony and pronounced husband and wife.

    Secluded Garden Wedding_1865 Secluded Garden Wedding_1866 Secluded Garden Wedding_1867 Secluded Garden Wedding_1868 Secluded Garden Wedding_1869 Secluded Garden Wedding_1870 Secluded Garden Wedding_1871 Secluded Garden Wedding_1872 Secluded Garden Wedding_1873 Secluded Garden Wedding_1874 Secluded Garden Wedding_1875 Secluded Garden Wedding_1876

    Hair and Make-up: Kaitlyn Wolf

    Cake: Cakes to Celebrate

    Florist: Soiree Design

    DJ: Music Man Events

    Caterer: Bekker’s Catering

    Vidoeographer: Boffo Video

    Photography: A Story in Time: Jessie Cadenas, Tyler Wadsworth with the photography assistance of Stephanie Arellanes.

    To see ALL wedding pictures from this wedding click HERE.

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    A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.


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