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Pala Mesa Resort Wedding- Ian and Jessika

What a beautiful day it will be when the woman of my heart becomes my wife and the children I love become part of my life. These were the words on the invitation. They said it all. Ian was marrying the woman who had captured his heart and forming a family with her three young children. Ian dressed his soon to be sons-Mason and Travis, smiled as his soon to be daughter- Chelsie walked down the aisle. He knew the moment was near… Jessika would soon follow. His eyes slightly watered and he took a deep breath and then smiled the moment he saw her. Jessika felt she was luckiest woman alive and she was blessed to have him. They laughed, and as family put together a Unity Cross and their kids rang the bell announcing to the world they were married.



The reception was a winter wonderland.

This beautiful wedding took place at: Pala Mesa Resort.
Make up Artist that made the bride even more beautiful: Tammy Bugarski
The talented florist: AC Floral and Event Design
The DJ that made the party and kept it going!: Twylight Pro
The Delicious Cupcakes: The Bride herself!
The Photographers who captured this Wedding Story!: A Story in Time PhotographyJessie Cadenas, Esther Chan with the photography coordination of Silvia Tarazon.

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