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Oak Glen Engagement Photography: Sean loves Angela

Sean thought Angela was really cute and she had a crush on him, but high school would end without a true romance beginning. It would take six years before they would rekindle their friendship and start dating. They both knew the other was the one. Sean was unlike anyone Angela had ever dated. He looked at her and made her laugh. He was always up for an adventure. Sean knew that she would be the perfect mom one day for.. as he put it…his, “hell raisers.” Neither could picture their life without the other. So while camping in the Palomar mountains. on Thanksgiving Weekend, Sean had a plan of being alone with Angela. Yet for as remote as they were, people found their way to their campsite. Finally, after some distractions and questions on fishing, Sean got down on on knee and asked the question and Angela would happily say, “Yes,” to the man who made her smile and laugh.

Session shot by: Jessie Cadenas, Amanda Dyell with the photography assistance of Jackie Salazar.

To see more picture click HERE if their Cinematic Story does not appear below.

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To see all pictures taken at this session click HERE.

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    The Wedding Rings…

    It is the gift exchanged during the ceremony. They wear them acknowledging to the world that they are taken. Long before, he picked the engagement ring, carrying it nervously in his pocket, offering it to her with the most important question he would ever ask. It deserves its own picture. We always do our best to be creative when shooting the rings incorporating colors and decorations from the reception. I love shooting the rings!


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      Wedding Stories- 2013- 2014

      35 Wedding Stories and 3 Quinceañeras over the last two years graced my camera. I had wedding stories that included pink dogs, trampoline jumping couples, grooms getting pushed into pools, a bride crashing a Hawaiian show and dancing, a ring bearer wearing an actual bear costume and a couple who immediately after their wedding  became guests at their parents 25th Anniversary. I got to capture beautiful details: Green shoes, beautiful Hawaiian flowers,  jewelry that had been worn by grandmothers and wedding rings. I captured emotions: the First Look of a groom when he saw her, tears during a Father/Daughter Dance and laughter during the toasts. I got to capture amazing moments: Children laughing as the couple kissed, Grooms who wiped tears during the ceremony, bridal parties who messed around and beautiful, amazing brides. I am blessed to do what I love!

      To see more pictures from each wedding click on their names.

      Hannover and Ylianna

      Pasadena Wedding_0007
      Pasadena Wedding_0030

      Pasadena Wedding_0054

      Pasadena Wedding_0060

      Pasadena Wedding_0061

      Chris and Aurora

      Old Ranch Country Club_0146

      Old Ranch Country Club_0155

      Old Ranch Country Club_0161

      Old Ranch Country Club_0163

      Old Ranch Country Club_0164

      Old Ranch Country Club_0177

      Jacob and Veronica

      Fairmount Park Wedding_0201

      Fairmount Park Wedding_0204 Fairmount Park Wedding_0210

      Fairmount Park Wedding_0225

      Fairmount Park Wedding_0233

      Fairmount Park Wedding_0231 Fairmount Park Wedding_0244

      David and Amanda


      Steve and Barbara


      Josh and Jessica

      Jimmy and Rachel


      Lorena and Eric

      Robert and Dennise

      Mark and Sandra

      Keith and Olivia

      Jamie and Jamie


      Andrew and Melissa




      Quinceañera Photography_0529

      Dakira and Joseph

      Amanda and Nick

      Adam and Shannon

      Bryan and Jessica

      Marisela and Steve

      Travis and Becca


      Andrew and Elizabeth

      Milano and Kristen


      Marleny and Tomas

      Jaime and Nancy

      Adrian and Sonia

      Billy and Julie

      Bernice and Austin

      Clint and Holly

      Alana and Justin

      Anna and Steven

      Roxane and Guillermo



      Secluded Garden Wedding_1875

      Secluded Garden Wedding_1876



      Miguel and Katie

      Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1918

      Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1925

      Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1933

      Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1942

      Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1944

      Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1951

      Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1952



      Daniel and Jacqueline

      Sarah and Rich

      Michael and Alexis

      José and Stephanie

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      Oak Glen Engagement- José and Stephanie

      It was a Halloween Party. Stephanie was dressed as Chuckie (yes that would be a evil looking possessed doll) and José had on his Army Uniform. Jose’s friend had noticed Stephanie the moment she had walked in, but she found him a bit arrogant and was relieved when José asked her to Dance. They immediately became friends. It took four dates and a beautiful sunset for them to have their first kiss. José knew he would never kiss another girl again.
      He told Stephanie that it was his friend’s birthday and picked her up in a limo. Stephanie did not want to go and thought that a limo was too much for someone’s birthday. Annoyed and upset she got in without make-up. (Half way to the Queen Mary, she asked the limo driver to stop at a Walgreens.) Dinner overlooking a beautiful ocean view for only two people became a little more obvious that it was not a birthday party. Jose dropping to one knee holding a ring asking her a question finally made it clear to her that she was the reason an entire restaurant was staring. She said, “Yes!

      To see more pictures click HERE if their Cinematic Love Story does not appear below.

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      San Clemente Engagement- Jonathan loves Emily

      Emily was a tomboy in high school. Soccer was her love. Jonathan was just that goofy guy who was just fun to hang out with. It wasn’t until her Senior year that she realized that Jonathan was so much more. She had been invited to Thanksgiving at his parents’ home. Cuddling on the couch and holding his hand led to their first kiss in front of her truck. Jonathan knew then he had kissed the woman he would marry. Emily over the years would realize that he made her feel loved, wanted and safe.
      Fast forward… Jonathan picked Emily up in a red Corvette and had them flown to Catalina. There on the beach he proposed. Emily was completely surprised. Her first reaction was to ask various times, “Are you serious?” The moment she realized it was real, she kissed and hugged him and happily agreed to be his wife.
      Diamonds are found in dark caves, pearls are found on the beach.

      To see more pictures, click HERE to see their Cinematic Love Story if it does not appear below.

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      A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.