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Anaheim Hills Wedding- Donny and Michelle

Michelle read the note Donny had sent her and teared up. In a few short hours, she would the marry the man who caught her attention with the online words, “Hey! What’s up?” The man who saw confidence, when she proclaimed to be shy, was about to be her husband and a smile once again appeared on her face. Donny was the guy with whom everything seemed right. She played with her veil and laughed, remembering how Donny had insisted they climb a boulder so he could propose.
Meanwhile, across town, Donny messed around with flasks of alcohol and modeled in front of a Rolls Royce. Marrying Michelle and having fun were the only things on his list. His face, only for a second, showed seriousness as he waited for the moment for Michelle to appear and walk toward him. His smile appeared once more, when he caught sight of Michelle walking, laughing to her brother’s whispers. Donny and Michelle smiled through their vows, the ring exchange and messed around with the sand. They kissed and half way down the aisle to the cheers of family and friends kissed again. There would be bridal party antics, emotional toasts, an unforgettable garter dance by the groom and sparklers, but what always stood out was Donny and Michelle’s love for one another. Forever was theirs.

Venue: Anaheim Hills Golf Course

Make up: Corin Cruz from Something New Hair and Make-up

Florist: La Petite Fleur in Glendora

Cake: Cinderella Cakes of Anaheim

DJ: DJ Will of Soundwave Productions

Videographer: Robert Ramos of Rocking the Photography

Photographer: A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas, Jessie García with the photography assistance from Veronica García and Jesse Ulloa.

To see all pictures from this event click HERE

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    Orange County Engagement Pictures- Steven loves Jessica

    Steven noticed the pretty girl with the sweet face and kind eyes. He didn’t know her, but they had mutual friends and so he found himself taking her to the movies without her parents knowing. He felt horrible leaving her alone in the rain, but Jessica had insisted he leave before her father arrived. Jessica went home and as any young girl does, she had to tell someone about the boy who was capturing her heart. Her aunt listened and told her she had a week to tell her parents that she had a boyfriend. It could not be a secret.
    Fast forward to Downtown Disney where Jessica was sitting for a cartoon artist. In the crowds, she believed she saw her parents watching her. But then she dismissed the thought. They had no reason to be there. The cartoon artist motioned her to come look at the drawing. There were the words, “Will you marry me?” Jessica turned to find Steven on one knee and her family watching the boy she had once hidden from them, proposing to love her forever. She said, “Yes.”

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    To see more pictures from this session click HERE if their Cinematic Love Story does not appear below:

    To see all pictures from this session click HERE

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    San Dimas Canyon Wedding: Chris and Lacolle

    Lacolle wrote a letter about Chris… about the boy she liked. She mailed it to her friend, his cousin. Years later, it was read in front of family and friends by her Maid of Honor and the boy sat beside her… now her husband. You could see their playfulness had stayed throughout the years. After their First Look and their First Kiss they did their traditional, “hand shake.” The hand shake they automatically did when they celebrated winning…when they were happy.. when everything was perfect. Today, they had won at love. They were happy and everything was perfect.


    Details, Bridals, First Look were shot at the Sheraton Fairplex in Pomona.
    Wedding Venue: San Dimas Canyon Golf Course
    Wedding Coordination: Poshitevely Perfect Events
    Florist: Studio C Florals
    DJ: Progressive Sound
    Wedding Photography: A Story in Time Photography– Jessie Cadenas, Tyler Wadsworth with the assistance of Stephanie Arellanes.

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    Corona del Mar Engagement: John loves Andrea

    Love always finds a way of bringing the perfect couple together. John and Andrea were miles away from home in Afganistan when they found each other. Thank you for serving our country.

    To their Cinematic Love Story click HERE if it doesn’t appear below.

    To see all pictures from this session, click HERE

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