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CD Cover Shoot- Paulina and Joanna Marii – Música Norteña

Paulina and Joanna Marii are two beautiful, talented singers. They are sisters who are constantly smiling and laughing. Their kindness is real. I asked them, “Do you guys ever fight with each other?” They both responded, “Oh yeah. All the time.” Then started they laughing again and trading accessories. “I have two left boots. I need a right one.” “Here. I can’t find my earrings.” “Use these!” And so it went… Constantly helping each other succeed. Their Norteño Music CD will soon make its debut. You can listen to their music here.

Paulina y Joanna Marii son dos cantantes bellas y talentosas. Son hermanas que constantemente están sonriendo. Su bondad es real. Les pregunté, “Se pelean alguna vez?” Las dos respondieron, “Claro. Todo el tiempo.” Entonces comenzaron de nuevo las risa y el cambio de accesorios. “Tengo dos botas izquierdas. Necesito una derecha.” “Aquí tientes. No encuentro mis aretes.” “¡Usa estos!” Y así siguió.. constantemente ayudando uno a la otra a sobresalir. Su disco de música norteña pronto hará su estreno. Se puede escuchar su música aquí. Paulina y Joanna Marii Official


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Headshots- Paulina and Joana Marii

Shot some quick Head Shots of the very beautiful and talented Norteño Singers: Paulina and Joanna Marii. Soon we will be shooting their CD cover.

You can hear them sing here! Paulina and Joanna Marii

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