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Hidden Acres Wedding: Ulises and Anna

Anna walked into the beautiful bridal suite of Hidden Acres to find the room filled with roses. Amore Flowers had bouquets laid out of everywhere. The day she had been planning for so long had arrived. She was marrying the man who gave her strength and lifted her up. Ulises, early in their relationship had made it clear that he wanted her always in his life. Today was the start of forever.

Anna tapped Ulises on the shoulder and he turned to see his beautiful bride. Soon they would be surrounded by their Wedding Party. Their children were their bridesmaids and groomsmen, as were their siblings.

It would be at the Lakeside Ceremony where tears would fall. It began with Ulises wiping them away when Anna walked in, but it would be during Ulises and Anna’s vows to their children that made everyone there tear up. They promised that they would always love them as they had always been their own. Throughout their relationship, the kids had never been called, “His,” or “Hers,” but simply The Kids. Today their families would become one officially. They would be as their Cake Top said, “Perfectly Blended.”


Venue: Hidden Acres Events.
Photographers and Video: A Story in Time
Florist: Amore Flowers  
DJ: Free Lance DJ’s 
Dress: Oh La La Bridal  
Cake: Frost my Cake 
Lashes: The Lash Babe Jay
Hair : Mirna Iliana

Make up: Jennifer Muro

Barber: Patron’s Barber Parlor

Rentals: Fritz Event Rentals

Charcuterie: Noshings by Court

Cheesecake: Endless Cheesecakes

Ice Cream: Nieves de Garrafa Estilo Don Rami

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    Green Mountain Ranch Wedding- Danielle and Sifa Vea

    Sifa, the groom, was 16 years old when he wrote a poem about Marriage.

    Marriage is a promise, an oath to each others souls, To love and cherish for whom they are as a whole.
    A commitment to stay equal and truthful, And humbly guide each other through strife and struggles.
    Marriage must remain true, untainted and pure, Strong as God’s might that temptation cannot lure.
    From the slightest of ripples to the greatest of quakes. A marriage cannot be moved, budged or shaken.
    Marriage is as bright as a star and calm as the moon, And it’s fragrance is as wondrous as Heaven’s perfume.
    It’s touch is that of an angel born into this world..And it’s cry for attention of a baby boy or girl.
    Marriage must be with the one, the one your heart chooses..The one who soothes your soul and won’t misuse or abuse it.
    Soul mates for life, until the end of life’s journey
    Soul mates until the end….the end of all eternity.

    Ten years later he watched his soul mate walk across a Ngatu– the Tongan tapa cloth made by his aunt, to stand beside him forever. His sister read his poem as he held Danielle’s hand. They exchanged handwritten vows and listened to Danielle’s Uncle say the words that they already held in their hearts… commitment, love, cherish… words that had been written by 16 year old.

    Danielle and Sifa did a First Look before their wedding ensuring that there was plenty of time for pictures! 


    The Amazing Venue: Green Mountain Ranch
    The Beautiful Flowers: Zakia Rad of Exotica Designs
    The DJ that kept us partying!- Dave Greenwood of DiJital Engagement
    Linens- Raquel’s Linens and DoubleTee by Hilton
    The Food! – Tommy’s Burgers. Mmmmm
    Cake and Cupcakes- The Bride’s Aunt: Mary Titus
    Officiant: The Bride’s Uncle: William Titus

    The Incredible Wedding Coordinator that kept the wedding stress free, on time and memorable: Crystal’s Elegant Affairs.


    This Wedding Story was captured by: A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth

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    A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.