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Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement: Troy loves Anissa

If Anissa noticed Troy on the elementary school playground as a fifth grader, he didn’t… but he would notice her in high school. They became friends and friends they would remain throughout college. Troy went to San Jose State and Anissa went to APU.
When Troy graduated in the summer of 2016, he moved back to town for the summer. Troy and Anissa were spending more time together. If Troy could not remember her from 5th grade, he could not seem to forget her now. Anissa who had just gotten out of a relationship was not ready to let the friendship turn to anything else. So they hung out almost every day and played lots of mini golf, but friends they stayed.
Troy moved to Colorado Springs. Even though Anissa wanted to only stay, “just friends” she would frequently go visit him. After turning him down twice, she finally said, “yes,” and the long-distance relationship started. New Year’s Eve would be their first kiss!
After dating for 7 months, flying numerous times back and forth, Troy was sick of it. Actually he was really sick. The weekend visit was coming to an end and they had not done a thing. Anissa was getting cabin fever. Troy’s friend came over and he finally got out of the house to take a walk. It was a trail, Troy and Anissa had walked many times before. She did not know it then but that walk would be different. They stopped at their favorite lookout point and as the sun was setting, Troy got down on one knee and proposed while his friend snapped pictures. Anissa said, “Yes.” She will be marrying her best friend.

This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography. If you are interested in your Engagement or Wedding Story being captured by our photographers, please contact us through our WEBSITE.

“A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we love….forever… in a Story in Time.”

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    LA Arboretum Engagement: Michael loves Lacey

    Her sorority sister knew Michael. She had gone to high school with him and now his fraternity was hanging out with hers. Lacey made the first move. She stole his hat! Michael loved wearing hats so the fact that he allowed it to happen, meant a lot. Lacey then went on to make him dance with her…. and of course fall in love with her. Michael would graduate and a long distance relationship would begin. He lived in California and Lacey was in Ohio studying. In that year, he learned that he could not live without her and asked Lacey to move to across the county with him. Lacey took a chance and began the journey alongside the man she loved.
    On a trip, on their fifth year anniversary, Michael stopped half way on a bridge and asked Lacey to marry him. She said, “Yes,” and they crossed the bridge engaged ready to begin forever.


    This Loves Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas and Jackie Salazar. If you are interested in having our photographers capture your wedding story, please contact us using the button at the top of the page or email us at

    To see more picture from this session click HERE if a play button does not appear below.

    Michael loves Lacey

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    Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement – Michael and Alexis

    Love finds a way no matter the distance, no matter the circumstance, it shows up and if it is true, it will stay. They were young kids living in separate states when they both happened to be in the same chatroom. Michael took a bus trip to Arizona to meet Alexis. Before either of them even said a word, they hugged. Trips to California, trips to Arizona and the usual drawbacks of a long distance relationship became their love story. Fast forward to the front of the Disney castle where Michael knew he could never be apart from her and where Alexis knew he would always be the man that made her happy even if at that moment she was crying.







    To see more pictures click HERE if their Cinematic Love Story does not appear below.

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    • JacobThey seem so much in love. Beautiful place, beautiful pictures.ReplyCancel

    Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement- Sarah and Miguel

    Before there was Facebook there was something called MySpace. Wait..this history lesson gets interesting. Keep reading. Sarah met Miguel online. She was the one that made the first move and sent him request. (Told her dad she met him at church, but that’s another story.) Miguel lived on the other side of the state so there was very little chance she would actually see him. Nothing to fear… except Miguel came down and it was actually Sarah’s dad that gave him a ride to her house. Yes. Miguel met Sarah’s Dad first. Sarah now was rethinking the whole thing. She had met him online and really didn’t know him. “She thought I was going to kill her or something. She wouldn’t even hold my hand,” Miguel told me. She feared me! Miguel got a job downtown. He would work and ride the train to see Sarah, and then go back home that night. The next day he would do it all over again…just to see her and spend time with her. Sarah soon realized that there was nothing to fear…not even love.

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    • GloriaYou can tell he adores her and she makes him happy. Beautiful session Jessie.ReplyCancel

    • sarah blackSuch a gorgeous in-love couple!!!ReplyCancel

    • Beth NBeautiful work well done Jessie that you did for my sister & her fiance. Can’t wait for the wedding 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Trish Neuenschwanderthey look so beautiful! What great pictures! Of course my daughter Sarah is the best!ReplyCancel

    • Nathan GilmerAwe MySpace. Those were the days.

      Cute couple! You did a great job with the pictures.ReplyCancel

    • melisa silvaLovely pictures! They are so young, you captured their youth and freshness. The tender expression of love is so obvious in their photos. I am so jealous! I bet its going to be a fairytale wedding! Can’t wait to see those pictures!Great job Jessie! You just keep getting better, the peacock was a nice touch.ReplyCancel

    • Dean GovierWhat a cool and funky couple. Awesome workReplyCancel

    • Wedding Photographer CheshireVery clean and sweet lovely workReplyCancel

    • tobiaha lovely happy session! i’m sure they love the photos!ReplyCancel

    • Kellee WalshThey look so sweet together 🙂ReplyCancel

    • CatAwww, My lil Bro is growning up! (A Tear). Beautiful couple, love them so much & super excited for the wedding. Congratulations you two!

      Love the photos, awesome

    • Fotos BodaLove is in the air, and in the pictures too!ReplyCancel

    • Carmela C (big sister)Mikey looks handsome! And Sarah looks lovely! She really did an amazing job!!! I’m so happy for you both!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!ReplyCancel

    • Emily CastroLove you guys. And Jessie, beautiful pictures as always!ReplyCancel

    • Elizabethvery beautiful pictures you can clearly see the love you have for eachothere may god bless you a life time togather and always look to the heavenl father for each and every day of your lifes with eachothereReplyCancel

    • fay finleyBeautiful photos ,you both look truly in love and capture the feelings,God’s blessings for a beautiful life together.ReplyCancel

    • David GarciaVery nice photos. You guys look awesome.ReplyCancel

    • Carrie KnightwalterYou all look great love you guysReplyCancel

    • DerekBeautifully done!ReplyCancel

    • corahey lil brother you guys look great!!! i love you soooo much. your my most favoritest (;P) brother in the whole wide world.ReplyCancel

    • GeorgiaI knew Sarah and her family since we were young! It’s amazing to see her all grown up and married now! Congratulations Sarah! I’m very happy for you!ReplyCancel

    A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.