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Happy Birthday Jesus!/ A Story in Time Photography’s Favorite Assistant

He carries lenses, reflectors, and lights… and the weight of being my husband. He packs the car. Makes sure I have water and he holds on to every ladder I stand on, even when I tell him I’m fine. He is constantly hearing the words, “Stand over there and pretend to be a bride.” He has held crying babies, bouquets and endless wallets, cellular phones and keys that should not show up in pockets. He is the only one on our team that calls me, “Boss,” but only when we are working. And of course, there’s a bit of sarcasm in his voice. He knows we have to take a selfie. He laughs at my jokes and always tell me my pictures are beautiful. I love him. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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  • Katrina MagadanYou two are the cutest team!!! Happy birthday Jesus!! Cheers to an amazing year ahead! 🥂ReplyCancel

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