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Wedding Stories- 2013- 2014

35 Wedding Stories and 3 Quinceañeras over the last two years graced my camera. I had wedding stories that included pink dogs, trampoline jumping couples, grooms getting pushed into pools, a bride crashing a Hawaiian show and dancing, a ring bearer wearing an actual bear costume and a couple who immediately after their wedding  became guests at their parents 25th Anniversary. I got to capture beautiful details: Green shoes, beautiful Hawaiian flowers,  jewelry that had been worn by grandmothers and wedding rings. I captured emotions: the First Look of a groom when he saw her, tears during a Father/Daughter Dance and laughter during the toasts. I got to capture amazing moments: Children laughing as the couple kissed, Grooms who wiped tears during the ceremony, bridal parties who messed around and beautiful, amazing brides. I am blessed to do what I love!

To see more pictures from each wedding click on their names.

Hannover and Ylianna

Pasadena Wedding_0007
Pasadena Wedding_0030

Pasadena Wedding_0054

Pasadena Wedding_0060

Pasadena Wedding_0061

Chris and Aurora

Old Ranch Country Club_0146

Old Ranch Country Club_0155

Old Ranch Country Club_0161

Old Ranch Country Club_0163

Old Ranch Country Club_0164

Old Ranch Country Club_0177

Jacob and Veronica

Fairmount Park Wedding_0201

Fairmount Park Wedding_0204 Fairmount Park Wedding_0210

Fairmount Park Wedding_0225

Fairmount Park Wedding_0233

Fairmount Park Wedding_0231 Fairmount Park Wedding_0244

David and Amanda

Steve and Barbara

Josh and Jessica

Jimmy and Rachel

Lorena and Eric

Robert and Dennise

Mark and Sandra

Keith and Olivia

Jamie and Jamie

Andrew and Melissa


Quinceañera Photography_0529

Dakira and Joseph

Amanda and Nick

Adam and Shannon

Bryan and Jessica

Marisela and Steve

Travis and Becca

Andrew and Elizabeth

Milano and Kristen


Marleny and Tomas

Jaime and Nancy

Adrian and Sonia

Billy and Julie

Bernice and Austin

Clint and Holly

Alana and Justin

Anna and Steven

Roxane and Guillermo

Secluded Garden Wedding_1875

Secluded Garden Wedding_1876



Miguel and Katie

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1918

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1925

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1933

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1942

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1944

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1951

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding_1952


Daniel and Jacqueline

Sarah and Rich

Michael and Alexis

José and Stephanie

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Quinceañera Photography- Caitlin

Caitlin is beautiful inside and out. She’s playful and at the same time respectful. She loves her parents and her faith. During the service, Father Adrian said, “So many people read a prayer, but you actually felt every word you said.” As a surprise, her mom and step dad got her a 1965 Chevy Convertible to ride to the church and to her reception which she happily said was the car from her favorite show Supernatural. She giggled, laughed and hugged every family member. At her reception she danced with her dad, grand father, stepfather and uncles. After all the toasts, she got on the microphone and told everyone there that her life would not be the same if they were not part of it. She is only 15…I can only imagine the love and wisdom that she will share with the world.

Hair and Make-up- Elisa Kelly- Muah by Elisa
1965 Chevy Convertible- Marco Morales.
DJ- Frankie Gurrola

The is Quinceañera was captured by A Story in Time PhotographyJessie Cadenas with the photography assistance of Jesse Ulloa.

To see all pictures from this event click HERE.

To see a Cinematic Story click HERE if it does not appear below:

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Quinceañera Photography- Nadia

Nadia celebrated her Quinceañera. The 15th birthday for a girl in Mexican culture is an important celebration. It marks the time when a girl becomes a young woman. She has her hair and make up done, wears a pretty dress and goes to church to give thanks with her parents, family and friends. She is usually accompanied by friends who later dance a waltz. This is what typically happens, but Nadia is not a typical 15 year old. Instead of dancing, Nadia delighted everyone with her piano playing and singing. She also played the guitar and was surprised with a new one….embossed with a butterfly!
She is a remarkable, talented and beautiful young lady. If at age of 15, she is amazing I can only imagine what she will continue to accomplish.

Ceremony Venue-St. Paul’s Catholic Church
Reception Venue- The Kellogg House
Hair and Make Up- Ulta
Dress- David’s Bridal
Cake- Portos Bakery
DJ- D.J. Mush
Photography- A Story in Time PhotographyJessie Cadenas, Stephanie Arellanes with the photo coordination of Silvia Tarazón.

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Quinceañera Photography- Patty

Patty is a sweet, caring kid who will soon be celebrating her 15th birthday!

To see more pictures click HERE if her Cinematic Story does not appear below:

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    Quinceañera Photography- Cynthia Tarazón
    Quinceañera Photography_0527 Quinceañera Photography_0528 Quinceañera Photography_0529 Quinceañera Photography_0530 Quinceañera Photography_0531

    Ceremony and Reception Venue: Thee Chateau

    Photography: A Story in Time Photography– Jessie Cadenas and Tyler Wadsworth

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    A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.