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A Year of Love Stories- 2014

I was blessed hear and to capture fifteen different LOVE STORIES.  I had couples who met at work,  others at school and one couple whose paths had crossed many times, but they had never really met…. until Facebook brought them together. I had two love stories where she swore she would never go out with him because he was not her type and yet both guys knew she was the one.  I had a love story where he stopped insisting and  she realized that she missed him. I had three love stories that began at a party. I had a love story where she asked him to dance and then he never let her go, another one where she asked him for his phone number and he never stopped texting or calling her.  All different, yet that one thing in common… Love.

To read their Love Stories and see more pictures from each session, click on their names.

Austin and Bernice

Tomas and Marleny

Some Love Stories end… but beautiful memories are left.

Jaime and Nancy

Danny loves Jackie



Jose and Stephanie Clint and Holly

Rick and Lindsey Justin and Alana

Miguel and Katie

Michael and Alexis Steven and Anna

Jeff and Whitney

Rick and Lindsey

Adrian and Laura

Kristian and Priscilla

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    Corona Skyline Engagement- Kristian loves Priscilla

    Love sometimes needs a little drama…or drama class anyway. Kristian was shy and he had idea how Drama had ended up on his schedule. He was going to drop the class, but then the pretty girl talked to him, sat next to him and suddenly he had a reason to stay. Priscilla even put her number into his phone, so when he finally got enough nerve to ask for it and dialed it, he realized it had been there all along. Now that’s dramatic!
    We took the first part of their session where it all began… Corona High School…in the walk way in front of their classroom where they would sit, hold hands and talk never imagining that one day they would be back to remember the past and to start a new beginning together.

    To see more pictures click HERE if their Cinematic Love Story does not appear below.

    To see all pictures from this session click HERE.

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      Chino Hills Engagement- Justin loves Alana

      Sometimes love just happens. She was a cheerleader and he was a skater boy. He liked her. She didn’t know and even tried to match him up with her friends. (I know, it sounds like a song co-written by Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift.) Then as naturally as it could happen, they happened. They became a couple. They don’t even have a date to celebrate their beginning. Just one day, Alana introduced Justin as her boyfriend and that is what he always knew he was. He loves her for her kindness. She loves his sense of humor. (It’s the same one her dad had.) It should be no surprise to anyone then, that the proposal was just as perfect as the the beginning of their romance. It just happened. She knew he had the ring. She asked him for it, “Just give it to me.” He said, “It’s in one of those drawers. If you can guess which one, you can have it.” The drawer she opened was the one that had the ring. It was one of her drawers. Yes, what is meant to be…is. Love just happens.

      To see more pictures, click HERE if their Cinematic Story does not appear below.

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      A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.