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Santa Monica Pier- Family/ Engagement Session

Andrew’s sister started working for Elias. Soon she was hanging out with him. Like others, she knew that Elias and Andrew would be amazing together. Andrew was eventually hired in the same company. Elias became his boss, but he soon learned that Andrew would be the boss of his heart. Andrew’s 18th birthday party came around and their friends used it as an excuse to get them together. And so, as it was destined, Andrew and Elias became a couple. They worked hard, bought a house and built a foundation for a family. A little boy who needed care, love and a rescue from the situation he was in, found his way to them. They became parents. It would only be a month later when the social worker would inform that the toddler they had adopted had a newborn brother that needed to be placed. That night, they bought diapers, a bassinet and everything they did not have to welcome a newborn into their home. While others had nine months to prepare they had 4 hours. Two beautiful, healthy, well mannered, adorable little boys with dads who loved them, completed their family. Elias proposed and Andrew said yes to the man who had captured his heart years ago.


To see more pictures click HERE  if their Cinematic Love Story does not appear below:

Andrew loves Elias

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    Los Angeles Engagement Session- Carlos loves Victor

    They had both noticed each other in passing in the first days of college. Just a glance. Nothing more. It was in a computer lab where they both actually looked and Victor had the courage to speak to Carlos. “Are you Gay?,” he asked. Carlos looked up at the man he had been admiring and lied, “No.” Victor rapidly walked away and Carlos immediately regretted his answer. He stood up and walked.. ran after him. He caught up and started explaining. They both had their fears. Neither of them were out. Their room mates, friends and family had no idea the secret they kept, and so began a romance, a love that was worth fighting for and that never should be hidden.

    To see more pictures click HERE if their Cinematic Story does not appear below.

    To see all pictures from this session click HERE.

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    • FrankHi!!!!! They look so in love and how wonderful to see this!! I would be privileged to be their DJ if the opportune moment should arise!! Please have them call me and I’ll provide a presentation and consultation in hopes I can be a small part of their Big Day!! Thank you 626-255-3048ReplyCancel

    • JacobJessie!!! Awesome session! You capture love in so many amazing shot!ReplyCancel

    • Samantha LukThey’re so cute together!(:ReplyCancel

    • heather nanAhhh, these are so sweet! Well done!ReplyCancel

    • IsabelleSo cute together!!! lovely session.ReplyCancel

    • Albert PalmerGreat job- the one at sunset is my favourite – great job 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Adonye JajaSo good, yeah that sunset pic is sweeet!ReplyCancel

    • timyou caught some great moments there. awesome set!ReplyCancel

    A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.