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Perris Ranch Engagement Photography: Hector loves Erlinda

Erlinda laughed when her cousins put Tinder on her phone. She was in New Jersey, miles away from home. What did she care if a New Jersey man messaged her? She was flying back the next day. It didn’t matter. What Erlinda didn’t realize was that the App went with your location.

Meanwhile, across the nation, Hector was being encouraged to use the APP. It would take two days, but, “one like,” would turn into a screen of confetti telling them both they were a match. It would be Love at First Swipe.

One could say it was a coincidence, but coincidences are, “God’s Little Miracles.” There was divine intervention… In Erlinda’s words, “For a moment I thought everything was going a little fast, but then I had received little signs that, maybe Mommy sent him to me to help heal my broken heart, maybe the universe sent us our match because the way things were going, it was like our prayers, our parents prayers, and the prayers of those who loved us brought us together.”

They both had found the person who loved as much and gave as much as the other. Holding on to each other, being partners and growing old together was what they both wanted.

Four months shy of a year together, Hector proposed on his birthday. Spending the rest of his life with his soulmate was the present he wanted. As the sun set at a beach, Hector asked Erlinda to be his forever. Erlinda said, “Yes.”

This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography. We are Los Angeles Orange County Wedding Photographers located in the Inland Empire. If you are interested in your Engagement or Wedding Story being captured, please contact us using the contact button at the top of this post or HERE.

See and get to know Jessie, the photographer  on her  personal FACEBOOK PAGE (yeah it’s open. You can stalk, but we can always be friends), but if that’s too weird this is the Business Page

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  • Auntie LouiseBeautiful photos and slide show . You can see and feel their happiness and love ❤️❤️????ReplyCancel

Fairmount Park Engagement- Elizabeth and Andrew

Elizabeth knew she had his love. It was something she never wanted to lose and so she said, “No.” She said, “No,” every time her best friend asked her out. He insisted over the years, but she did not want to risk losing his friendship and ultimately losing him. So friends they stayed…sharing, caring, listening, helping each other. Andrew was done. He loved her. And so for the last time he asked her. Elizabeth didn’t answer right away. She told him he would have his answer on Myspace. (Okay.. at this point this photographer is shaking her head. Really Elizabeth? You put him through all this and he still has to go home and check on the internet? Jeesh. He loves you.) The answer on the computer screen for all to see was, “Yes!” And then on Christmas Day, once again Andrew had another question for her. In front of both of their families, he gave her a scrapbook that detailed chapters in their life: meeting her in high school, falling in love with his best friend, their first kiss, the last chapter said, “Marriage,” and it was blank. Andrew dropped to one knee and said, “You’ve been my best friend for the past ten years, the best girlfriend for the last six. Will you continue writing our story? Will you marry me?” This time Elizabeth said, “Yes!” right away.

To see more pictures click here if their cinematic story does not appear below.

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The Love Stories of 2012- Engagement Photography

My camera captured many Love Stories in 2012. There were stories of love at first sight, love found in a second chance, love that struggled to be found, love that always endured… Some stories made me cry, others laugh, but all of them made me believe more in love.

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A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.


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