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Los Angeles Engagement Photography/Disney Concert Hall/ Ruben loves Evelyn

It was Halloween, and Ruben was not wearing a costume. His true self and his heart were exposed. He was staring at a tall and pretty girl dressed as a French Maid and falling in love. Evelyn thought he was cute. When it’s Love at First Sight, things move fast. At the end of the night, Ruben had walked her to the car and stolen a kiss. The next day, they would go to a movie and start confirming that they were perfect for each other. She made him smile, he made her laugh.

It was soon obvious, they had no reason to not plan for a future together. Dreams of having children, growing old and traveling the world were theirs. They already had found the one. They shared values and beliefs, they each made the other feel loved and they brought out the best in each other. If they didn’t have something in common, they were willing to try something new for the other.

As unrehearsed as that first stolen kiss, Ruben proposed. There, in the intimacy of their living room, he confessed his love. It was the easiest, “Yes!”

To see a slideshow from this session, please visit HERE.

This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography. We are Los Angeles Orange County Wedding Photographers located in the Inland Empire. If you are interested in your Engagement or Wedding Story being captured, please contact us using the contact button at the top of this post or HERE.

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    Via Verde Country Club Wedding- Rocio and Armando

    Rocio wore the veil her mom had worn at her wedding. Her parents’ wedding picture hung on the wall behind her as she got ready. Her mom gave her a blessing and she was off to Cathedral to marry the kid who she had played with as a child and was now the man she loved. Armando kept his gaze steady with a slight smile on his face as she approached. Her mom removed her veil and he took her hand and escorted her to the altar where they would promise to love each other forever.
    With the solemnity of Mass over, they ran off to play at the Disney Concert Hall, and with golf carts at Via Verde. Mariachi played and a Dj kept the party going. As the dancing got faster, it seemed that Armando and Rocio slowed down… their thoughts only for themselves. Their first day as husband and wife was coming to an end, but their, “forever,” was just beginning.

    Rocío llevó el velo que había usado su mamá en su boda. La fotografía de boda estaba colgada en la pared detrás de ella mientras se arreglaba. Su mamá le dió la bendición y tomó camino a la Catedral a casarse on el niño con quien jugaba en su niñez y que ahora era el hombre quien amaba. Armando mantenía su vista fija con su sonrisa pequeña mientras ella se acercaba. Su mamá le quitó el velo y él tomó su mano y la llevó al altar donde prometerían amarse para siempre.
    Con la solemnidad de la Misa terminada, se fueron a jugar a Disney Concert Hall y con carritos de Golf en Via Verde. Mariachi tocó y un DJ mantuvo la fiesta. Mientras el baile se apresuraba, se miraba como si Armando y Rocio se detenían.. perdidos en su pensamientos. Su primer día como hombre y mujer se estaba terminando, pero su, para siempre, comenzaba.

    Make up Artist: Corin from Something New Hair and Makeup
    Florist: Events by Floral Sensations.
    Ceremony Venue: Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels
    Wedding Venue: Via Verde Country Club
    DJ: Ultimate Music Entertainment
    Photographer: A Story in Time Photography

    To see all pictures from this event click HERE.

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    Disney Concert Hall Engagement: Donny loves Michelle

    It was a virtual meeting that began this love story. Donny contacted Michelle when he saw her profile. He was driving back from Vegas. His first words to her would be…”Hey! What’s up?” Even though this was not the most thought provoking line, it still got Michelle’s attention. After scoping his profile, Michelle answered and numbers were exchanged. The conversation and the texts would go on for hours. Donny knew he had to meet her. Within a week they were sipping on Starbucks, talking, laughing and bonding over the fact that they both loved Family Guy. (“Lois, Lois, Lois, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”..”What?” “Hi!”)
    They both proclaimed to be shy, but Donny saw confidence in her and Michelle didn’t have to rationalize why she liked him. The nagging feeling of doubt was replaced with the nagging feeling that this relationship was right. They were the couple that flowed and click.
    The following year began with a hike in San Francisco on New Year’s Day. Donny fidgeted and insisted they climb a boulder which sat above the ocean. It was on top of this rock, with jagged rocks and ocean water below, where Donny asked Michelle to stand and where he proceeded to get down on his knee. He asked Michelle to be his wife and she of course said, “Yes.”



    To see more pictures click HERE if their Cinematic Story does not appear below:

    To see all pictures from this event click HERE.

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    • JacobLove that first black and white one! Congratulations Donny and Michelle.ReplyCancel

    A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.