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Los Angeles Engagement Photography: Jessie loves Victoria

The first thing Victoria noticed about Jessie was his broad shoulders and nice arms. She knew that he would be a phenomenal hugger. An entire year would go by, before she would get to feel that hug. It was at the Queen Mary for Halloween. Victoria and Jessie ran through the mazes. Whether they were scary or not, Victoria made sure she was held tight. Phone calls and Myspace conversations finally led to a New Years Party. They talked, they danced and Victoria knew that something was about to happen. She stood next to him and waited as the countdown began. “This is it. Something’s gonna happen. 3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!”….and nothing. That’s right NOTHING! Suddenly, one of their friends came up to them and asked Jessie, “Did you do it?” Jessie turned to Victoria and mumbled, “Oh, yeah,” and kissed her…on the cheek. Yup…sigh.. on the cheek. Not wanting to wait another year, Victoria just looked at him and said “Really?” and grabbed him and kissed him. Jessie then asked Victoria to be his girlfriend on January 1st, 2009.
Jessie might have had to have been kissed, but he knew he wanted Victoria to be his for the rest of his life. So he planned his proposal. Unfortunately, Victoria figured out what was going to happen when she saw Jessie hug her mom on the way out to a special party. She even practiced in the bathroom of the restaurant how she would react to seeing the ring and hearing the words. Dinner ended and no question. It was on the Gondola ride where Jessie proposed and she was not expecting it. Suddenly, emotion took over and all the practiced facial expressions were forgotten. Tears of happiness overcame them both. The arms she admired the first time she saw him, would hug her forever.

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