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Chino Wedding Photography- Robert and Rosi Santana

Robert and Rosi were married by Robert’s uncle who came from Mexico just for their wedding. Mariachi music accompanied the prayers, blessings and the Mass. Family and friends participated with all the traditional Mexican Catholic Details, bringing up las Arras, el Libro y Rosario and el Lazo. Music filled their reception… a DJ and two live bands.
Traditions continued at the reception as Rosi and Robert participated in the most lively Vibora de la Mar ever done. Rosi’s Cathedral Veil flew and Robert was thrown in the air. Through out the night, their happiness and energy continued as Robert and Rosi celebrated their first night of forever.

Ceremony Venue: St. Margaret Mary
Reception Venue: Brinderson Hall
Hair and Make up: The bride herself. She is the talented hairstylist/Barber and MUA and owner of Snippz.
Florist: Chino Party Rental
Cake: Ontario Bakery
Videography: Buckley
Photography: A Story in Time Photography- Jessie Cadenas, Stephanie Arellanes with the photography assistance of Cynthia Tarazón.

To see all pictures from this event click HERE.

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A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.