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Disneyland Love Stories: Chef Oscar and June

The magic of a Disney Love Story is never limited to a forest with a castle in the background. The prince can be a Chef and the princess can work in the kitchen. Oscar and June worked at Carnation Café at Disneyland. He worked the front of house greeting the guests and June was in the kitchen as a cook. Before the restaurant would open, Oscar would always be in the kitchen, tasting all the food, making sure all the food was perfect. It was. June and Oscar talked often in their break room. Then the day came when Oscar finally asked June
to lunch. June of course said, “I would love to.” She loved his spirit, his kindness and his ability to make everyone smile. June thought their friendly lunch date would be at the Disney Park, but Oscar wanted to take her to a nearby Mexican restaurant…Baja California in Anaheim. They talked for hours…smiling, laughing. They both kept thinking of the other when the date ended. They went out again and it was on that second date that Oscar asked June to be his girlfriend. She said, “Yes!” They did their best to keep their Love Story quiet but of course it was not hard to notice the love they had for each other. Oscar proposed and their Happily Ever After began on May 25th, 2017 in Vegas.
Mickey and Minne, Donald and Daisy, Flynn and Rapunzel, Nala and Simba, The Prince and Snow White, Lady and the Tramp, Pongo and Perdita, Belle and the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine, Jack and Sally, Aurora and Prince Phillip, Wall•e and Eve, Tarzan and Jane, Prince Eric and Ariel, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Carl and Ellie….. Oscar and June.

This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography. If you are interested in your Engagement or Wedding Story being captured, please contact us through our WEBSITE.

“A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we love….forever… in a Story in Time.”

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    Chef Oscar retires from Disneyland

    The Lincoln Theater filled with up with Cast Members who loved him. In one way or another he had touched a person’s life or changed it completely. He began working at Disneyland when it was new. He walked on Main Street beside Walt Disney himself. “I did everything. Anything they asked me to do… cleaning tables, maintenance, cooking. I loved it all.” He would go from cleaning tables to becoming the Chef of Carnation Cafe. His recipe for potatoes almost as big a legend as he. On stage he waved at his friends. At one point, he stood up and said, “I’m Lincoln!” Mickey came on stage and the drawing for a beautiful window was unveiled. Oscar retired.
    The line to take pictures with him extended through the theater. Each Cast Member thanking him for the help, the inspiration, the advice…
    His wife June and he took a final stroll through Disneyland. He stopped at Carnation Cafe and suddenly there was a line of guests that also wanted a picture with him. He signed autographs in front of the Castle. And finally he rode his favorite ride on his last day as a Cast Member, “A Small World.”

    This Story was captured A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas and Stephanie Arellanes. If you are interested in having our photographers capture your Engagement or Wedding Story, please contact us through our WEBSITE.

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    • Virginia Moreno ThomasMy brother Sebastian Moreno “Morey” loved visiting Disneyland after he retired from the Decorating dept and he always visited Carnation to see the Chef.,ReplyCancel

    • Bernadette Silva-ThompsonSuch beautiful pictures for a truly special man. I’m so happy my family and I were able to meet Chef Oscar during our last trip to Disneyland. Thank you for sharing these. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • SheilaWould always go to Carnation Cafe to see Oscar and he would remember us. If I wasn’t there with my daughter he would ask where she was. I remember talking to him one time and he was telling us that he had to leave but would be back (something to do with Medicare benefits) that he wouldn’t retire completely for a few years and that time has come. Oscar you will be truly missed. Enjoy your retirement.ReplyCancel

    • MaryOn the last day of every trip my sister and I took to Disneyland we had lunch at Carnation Cafe right when they started serving lunch because we knew Oscar would come out and stroll around and chat with the guests dining there. It was always the highlight of every trip. And he always remembered us! Oscar is the nicest man ever and represents everything Disney. Have a wonderful retirement. We will miss you so much.ReplyCancel

    • Karen TylerOscar always remembered us and it was such a pleasure to visit with him! Wishing him a long and happy retirement. Thank you for putting a touch of friendship and magic on our visits!?❤️?ReplyCancel

    A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.