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Quinceañera Photography- Caitlin

Caitlin is beautiful inside and out. She’s playful and at the same time respectful. She loves her parents and her faith. During the service, Father Adrian said, “So many people read a prayer, but you actually felt every word you said.” As a surprise, her mom and step dad got her a 1965 Chevy Convertible to ride to the church and to her reception which she happily said was the car from her favorite show Supernatural. She giggled, laughed and hugged every family member. At her reception she danced with her dad, grand father, stepfather and uncles. After all the toasts, she got on the microphone and told everyone there that her life would not be the same if they were not part of it. She is only 15…I can only imagine the love and wisdom that she will share with the world.

Hair and Make-up- Elisa Kelly- Muah by Elisa
1965 Chevy Convertible- Marco Morales.
DJ- Frankie Gurrola

The is Quinceañera was captured by A Story in Time PhotographyJessie Cadenas with the photography assistance of Jesse Ulloa.

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