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Engagement Pictures- What to wear!

Speedos and pink boa! No? Darn. One day one of my clients will totally go along with my artistic advice. Until then…
1. Wear comfortable clothing. If you are not comfortable, it will show in the pictures. If something is too tight, difficult to move in, you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this in front of your friends then don’t wear it.
2. You don’t have to dress to match where we are shooting. Heels at the beach? Not a good idea.. for walking, but that fancy dress will stand out!
3. Wear comfortable shoes to walk in or that can be easily changed. Barefoot pictures are awesome!
4. Wear NEUTRAL colors-beiges, whites, grays and browns, pinks, light blues….The jewel tones are also a great complimenting colors: sapphire, emerald, fushia, amethyst and ruby red. Please don’t wear black as a main color.
5. Please don’t wear something with lots of patterns or logos. That checkered shirt is going to be calling everyone’s attention to it instead of the main thing which is You, your fiancé and the ring!
6. You guys should kind of match each other: colors and style but not in a geeky way. In other words your fiancé in a suit and tie and you in jeans will not look cool. You also don’t want to wear the exact same shirt. That’s so “brother and sister.” My mom would dress me and my brother up in matching clothing. No wonder we have issues.
7. You don’t have to get your hair and make up done for the pictures, but what a great time for your Make Up Artist to practice! Go get that trial done! Pamper yourself. These are your engagement pictures! … Make sure your hands are nice, manicured nails… unlike my jagged, nail chipped ones that are dry. I know gross, but my hands aren’t in the picture. Yours will be! There’s an awesome engagement ring on it!
8. Think about this way. You and your fiancé are spending a day at the park, the mall, the beach…walking, talking and having fun, (Ignore the crazy lady with the camera for now.) later you are going to lunch… what would you wear? Okay, “pijamas,” was not the answer I was looking for. Just dress it up a tad more from there if you want to.

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