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Mission San Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography: Noel loves Silvia

Fate and Destiny had failed. Noel and Silvia’s paths had crossed half a dozen times, and they had not noticed each other. An infamous picture of them on My Space showed two awkward teenagers who were oblivious to each other. It would take almost ten years for them to officially meet. It would be a birthday party that neither planned on attending, but fate and destiny stood on either side of them and pushed. They were introduced. No one had any intention of getting them together, but they talked the entire night. He walked her to the car and they shared their first kiss of many.

Snapchats were exchanged and Silvia asked him to go to a Dodger Game with her coworkers. They had a blast. Of course, Noel asked her out on their first official date: Sushi and a movie. They became inseparable. Others would describe Noel as quiet and weird, but Silvia saw a man who was silly, loving, and compassionate. Noel loved her for her energy. She was the polar opposite of him. She was charismatic, adventurous, and ready to do anything. Many would wonder how their two personalities could blend so well together. The truth was they could always be their true selves when it was just themselves.

Covid came and they survived being locked up. They decided to take a road trip to see all the missions in California. It was the Mission San Juan Capistrano that caught Silvia’s heart. She told him that this was a place she would love to get married. With their trip of all the missions finished, they visited places closer to home where they had not been together. At the Huntington Library, they ended up in the Japanese Garden. It was Silvia’s favorite area. There Noel asked Silvia, the woman who unknowningly, destiny had put before him since he was seventeen years old to marry him. And as was her fate, Silvia said, “Yes,” to the boy in the picture she did not know, and to the man she loved.

(If Silvia looks a little familiar, years ago this beautiful woman was once a kid who was my assistant. Those memories are here.)


This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography: Jessie Cadenas. If you are interested in your Engagement or Wedding Story being captured, don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact button at the top of this post or HERE.

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