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Pasadena City Hall Engagement Photography: Leo loves Ashley

It was in the halls of Bells Gardens High School that Leo and Ashley would first cross paths, but it would not be where their Love Story would begin. Leo was friends with Ashley’s older brother. He was a guy who was really good at soccer and he had girlfriend. To Leo, Ashley was just his little sister’s friend.

Their paths would cross again in the sauna at the LA Fitness Gym in Downey and then again a few days later as they both walked into the gym. Now Leo was no longer seeing a kid from school, but a beautiful young lady. He made his move and asked her out to an LA Kings Hockey Game. They would become devoted fans, falling in love, going to sports games, traveling, and eating.

Ashley and Leo’s first kiss would be 10,000 feet above the air. Leo had taken her on a helicopter night ride in Long Beach. There above the city, Ashley experienced the love that Leo already felt for her. This was romance on steroids.

Ashley was in love with a man who was kind, funny, and affectionate. He could make a whole room laugh and make even the quietest people get out of their shells. But Leo was also supportive. “He supports all my goals even though it is super time consuming and gets me cranky. Whenever I’m on deadlines or swamped with tasks, he goes above and beyond for me making my life so much easier. I never have to ask for help because he’s always by my side making sure I’m okay.”

Ashley was the woman Leo wanted by his side. She was smart, caring, and gorgeous. “She’s always there for me, even in the worst times. She never gives up on me. I love her so much for that.”

They talked about marriage a lot. The plan was to finish their five-year plan, but just as their love grew stronger their goal and ambitions also got bigger. They came to the conclusion that their goals would always keep changing, but in marriage, they would always grow together and could keep adding as many goals as they wanted forever.

It was Ashley’s 29th birthday week and the celebrating had begun. Leo took her to a beautiful resort in La Jolla called Torrey Pines. He had the room decorated with roses and presents. Ashley believed she had gotten all of her gifts, but on the day of her actual birthday, Leo had the ultimate surprise. At a surprise party, he planned with her family, Leo gave Ashley another box. Ashley believed she was opening a box with more jewelry. Instead, it was a beautiful engagement ring. Leo was on one knee asking her to be his forever. Ashley said, “Yes.” She was already his forever.

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