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Bonelli Park Family Session: Cruz

Marilyn and Emmanuel are described by their children as hard-working, protective, humble, endearing, and selfless. They worked so hard to make sure that Aaron and Shannen grew up with food on their plates, an education, and a good future. They sacrificed their lives in the Philippines for a new life in the United States to give them a better opportunity for their future. Their parents have always taught them to be humble, to be modest, and to never feel as if they were more important than others. They protected them by putting their well-being before theirs and by teaching them to be independent in order to make decisions that would positively affect their lives.

Shannen and Aaron’s parents have always had a good judgement of character when it comes to their friends and with who they surround themselves. Jared and Amy have been the significant others that their parents have felt the best about and became closest to. And so, of course they were part of the family session.


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