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Mt. Baldy Engagement: Eric loves Natalie

They met in middle school and shared classes in high school and had a same group friends, but nothing else. They would have to be apart to see that they belonged together. They would go to two different universities. Eric went to UCLA and Natalie to UCI. It would be in their second year of college when Natalie would give Eric her number casually through Snapchat. Eric was falling in love and needed an excuse. So he asked Natalie if she wanted to study for a chemistry exam. Natalie did not take the hint and said, “No.” (In Natalie’s defense studying for a test is not a date.) It would take a couple of months for Eric to ask Natalie again. This time, studying was not involved and trip to the beach Corona Del Mar was. Natalie still wasn’t sure she was going on a date, but she did say, “Yes.” She did admire Eric. She had even told her college roommate the she always thought Eric was husband material. It just had not crossed her mind that Eric was a suitor. He was and soon Natalie would see that he was supportive, romantic and authentic. She was falling in love. Eric loved that Natalie was selfless, devoted and loving, so at the beach, under the moon, as it started to rain on August 2, 2014, Eric asked Natalie to be his girlfriend. Exactly 7 years later, they sat at the same beach and reflected about how far they had gone. This time, Eric did not hint at what he wanted. He wanted Natalie to be with him forever. He wanted her as his wife. So he took a deep breath, pulled out the ring and proposed. Natalie said, “Yes.”

(August 2, 2021 they see their engagement pictures. As the photographer, I love that this is happening on this date am part of it. Blessed to do what I love! )


This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography – Jessie Cadenas with the assistance of Jesus Cadenas. We are Los Angeles, Orange County Wedding Photographers located in the Inland Empire. Our style is Classic, Romantic and Fun. If you are interested in your Family, Quinceañera, Engagement or Wedding Story being captured, please contact us using the contact button at the top of this post or HERE.

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