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Pasadena Engagement Photographer: Juan loves Jasmine

Jasmine had already heard of Juan, long before she started working for the Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation. Her cousins talked about him all the time. They worked different shifts, until one day, the stars aligned and they had a chance to make up an excuse to talk to each other. And so it began the friendship began.

One afternoon, Juan offered Jasmine a ride home. He had no clue that her grandparents literally lived four houses away. Jasmine told him that she could walk home, but not before leaning in to kiss him and thanking her for the ride. Perhaps it was that first kiss or that Juan was not about to let a pretty girl walk home alone, so he found himself following her with his car insisting that he could give her a ride. Jasmine kept telling him she was almost home and he kept saying, “I just want to make sure you get home safe.” She did. And now Juan was stopped in front of Jasmine’s grandparent’s house talking with her when all of her siblings and cousins came out to see what was going on. Juan had been kissed, stalked Jasmine with the car and had met her family all in one day.

It would take a few months for that real first date to happen, but instead of wearing heels, Jasmine wore a long brace and crutches. She had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. When ever Juan saw her, he would try to help her, asking her if there was anything she needed. Jasmine figured that if he could deal with her on crutches, he could deal with anything and so she agreed to the date.

Jasmine right away saw that there was something special about him that she did not want to lose. She fell in love with his personality, his humor, the strength in the way he represented himself, his smile, and his confidence. Juan fell in love with her big heart. He had never met a more kind, generous and loving person.

Within a year, they would be parents to a son. Their love had to grow. Then they would be blessed with a daughter. They were a family.

The engagement ring that Jasmine would wear, belonged to her grandmother. It was the ring that her grandfather had bought her for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. When they were about to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, he passed away leaving an example of love, devotion and commitment. This is the love that Jasmine and Juan want for each other. This is the love story that they will strive to create for each other and their children.


This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography – Jessie Cadenas with the assistance of Denise Hernández. We are Los Angeles, Orange County Wedding Photographers located in the Inland Empire. Our style is Classic, Romantic and Fun. If you are interested in your Family, Quinceañera, Engagement or Wedding Story being captured, please contact us using the contact button at the top of this post or HERE.

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