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Pasadena Couple Photography: Henry loves Abigail

Henry literally tripped over himself and stepped on Abigail’s toe, welcoming her to church. The next day, Abigail’s sister caught him staring. But Abigail was more concerned with a tomato plant. Yes, a tomato plant, particularly one tomato on it. She would watch it everyday as it grew outside the church. And one day it was gone! Henry admitted he had given the tomato to someone else. Abigail was angry. (She probably got red as a tomato.)
The next time, she saw Henry he had a tomato for her. Abigail said she did not want it. Henry told her niece to give her later the rejected tomato. To Abigail’s surprise, her niece gave her a dozen flowers that Henry had sent. It was a nice gesture, but Abigail really didn’t want much to do with him. Henry kept at it. He would win her heart. He asked her to be his girlfriend. Abigail answered a sarcastic, “Yes.” For Henry, the, “yes,” was real.

It really didn’t matter, Abigail didn’t have a phone or a way to talk with him. In the evenings she would borrow her sister’s to use Facebook and Henry didn’t have social media so… But there it was, a friend request from Henry. Abigail quickly clarified that her answer had been a joke and that she was not his girlfriend. Henry told her that if she wanted to reject him, it would have to be in person and so their first date would be one where Abigail planned to break up with him. Truthfully, she was feeling something for him.

So over Chinese food, she told him that she did not want a boyfriend. Henry asked for a chance. Abigail not only gave him a chance, but her heart as well.

Fast forward a year, in that same restaurant, Henry and Abigail no longer talked about a chance, but about the future. On the way home, they talked about how God had put them in the same path. Henry didn’t have a ring, but he couldn’t wait anymore. He asked Abigail to marry him. Abigail cried happy tears.

They were married Saturday, December 12, 2015. They are celebrating 5 years of an amazing marriage. Happy Anniversary.

This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography – Jessie Cadenas and Mike Worrell. We are Los Angeles, Orange County Wedding Photographers located in the Inland Empire. If you are interested in your Quinceañera, Engagement or Wedding Story being captured, please contact us using the contact button at the top of this post or HERE.

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