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Pasadena Engagement Photos/ La Casita del Arroyo/ Robert loves Veronica

Veronica was 21 and the only young person at church. She felt lonely. Little did she know that God had plans to send her more than just someone her age. Robert started coming to church. When Veronica saw him, she got excited. She learned that her hopes to make him instantly her friend would require a bit more effort than a simple, “Hello.” Robert was so shy. He eventually would warm up and they would become best friends. Those around them saw that their relationship to each other was special. They assumed they were dating, since they started hanging out almost everyday at church before, during and after services.

The realization that they liked each other had found a way into their hearts. It would take tacos and a tickle war, but they would share their first kiss. And it would be the most memorable kiss ever. At that moment, they knew they were meant for each other. That kiss would always be brought up in future conversations, because it was more than a kiss. It was a feeling. A feeling that knowing everything was right.

They shared a sense of humor. They shared laughter. They shared who they truly were with each other. And of course, they shared a faith. After a Wednesday night service, in the place they had met, Robert would ask Veronica to be his forever. The pastor had asked everyone to stay because someone wanted to share something special. Veronica suddenly realized that it was Robert up at the mic. She was even more confused when he asked her to come to the front of the church. There, in front of the congregation, he considered family, Robert told everyone he loved her. He knelt on one knee and proposed. Veronica said, “Yes,” to the man she loved. God had sent her more than a friend. He had sent them both to each other.

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