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Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden Engagement: Mike loves Beth

Sometimes love does not begin with glance across the room, sometimes love begins with logging unto a dating app and messaging a profile that catches your eye. For Mike and Beth, the app was Plenty of Fish. Mike messaged Beth and so it began. A few days of talking, turned into weeks and weeks turned into a month. They met at Victoria Gardens. Beth saw a, “nice, open and down-to-Earth guy.”. Mike was mesmerized by Beth’s eyes. They were so blue and beautiful and they changed to different shades.

Beth soon realized that Mike was supportive, loving and caring. They shared a love for the same music and cheesy 80’s movies. Mike loved Beth’s laugh and smile. She always cheered him up when he was down, even it resorted to tickling him. As long as Mike had her eyes to look at, he was happy.

On Valentine’s Day, Beth came home to a plate of beautiful cookies. The traditional, “I love you, ” was there, but one cookie said, “Marry Me.” Beth looked to the man she loved. He looked into the eyes that would always be his.. She said, “Yes,” to forever.

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