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Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Wedding: Alex and Riley

“We were all heading for each other on a collision course, no matter what. Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story.”

8 million people can surround you, but one heart beat is all that will hear when you fall in love.  Riley was alone in New York City. Her best friend had just gone home, her family was across the country, and her birthday was coming up. She sat alone in church, when the guy who had made her laugh, with his  lack of athletic abilities that matched her own, sat beside her. Riley had met Alex at a Friendsgiving. He had answered the door.  This and a game of flag football was the extent  of their friendship. When Alex learned that Riley’s 21st birthday was coming up and she had no one with who to celebrate,  he asked her out.  In his mind, it was not really a date. Not because he did not like Riley, but because he believed that there was simply no way that Riley would date him. He would later tell family and friends, “Look at her! Why would I have believed she would go out with me?”  

Whether it was a date or not, they went out, and talked all night. They both called their parents. “Mom! I met a girl,” Alex’s mom recalled at her wedding toast. Riley’s mom could not believe the excitement over a boy her level headed child suddenly had. 

Soon after their first date, Riley came home to California. Alex and Riley texted and Face-timed and for the first time Riley really had something to return to in New York besides a job. 

The question of if their love story would continue, was answered at the airport. Alex and Riley were both avid readers. Riley’s favorite book was, I’ll Give You the Sun. In the book, oranges make people fall in love.  Besides, his hopes and his open arms, Alex also had an orange for Riley. 

One day at a walk at Sunset, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, Alex took out a fancy button down shirt out of a Ziploc bag and put it on, pulled out a heart shaped box and proposed. There, overlooking the water, Riley said, “Yes,” to only person whose heart she could hear in New York.

Venue: Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden

DJ: Ultimate Music Entertainment

Coordinator: A Touch of Class Events

Caterer: Gourmet Gourmet

Florist: Iron Heart

Cake: Some Crust Bakery

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