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Pasadena Engagement: Scott loves Sonia

Sonia and her best friend Lily wanted to go to see Martin Garrix in Las Vegas. Lily’s husband did not want them going alone, yet he did not want to be the only guy on the trip, so he asked his friend Scott to join them.

Sonia feared that the trip would turn into an unwanted, “double date weekend, ”  with someone she had just met, but Scott was super respectful and friendly. Sonia enjoyed every moment along his side and was happy when the next weekend Lily texted her that Scott had asked her permission to hang out with her. Her number was given and the texting began.

Their first date would be at Tony’s on the pier in Redondo Beach. They talked and laughed and began falling in love, but at her brother’s wedding Sonia would still introduce him as her friend. The following day, Scott officially asked her out ending forever the “just friends,” introduction.

For Sonia and Scott the weekends, were special because Scott traveled for work. Every Sunday, he would leave and an entire week would pass before they would get to see each other again. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and Sonia knew she was in love.

For Scott, the love story had unknowingly started long before Vegas. He actually remembered meeting Sonia before. He had sat across from Sonia and her date at his friend’s graduation. He had no clue then, but the girl he had noticed at the party and the girl he had fun a the concert was the one he would ask to be his wife.

Asking Sonia to marry him, would not be the difficult part. It would be asking Sonia’s mother for their blessing. She was not responding to text messages or phone calls. One hour before he proposed, Scott got the blessing. They were in San Diego. After breakfast, they walked along the water. The day was beautiful. It had rained the entire night the day before. They stopped to look at a fountain in Water Front Park. There he told Sonia how much he loved her, how happy he was to be with her and out of nowhere pulled out a beautiful ring. Sonia was so caught off guard that she buried her face in his chest and just kept repeating, “No, No, No” because she couldn’t believe it. Scott smiled because he knew what she meant, but still asked her, “So you’re saying, ‘no,’?” Sonia immediately looked at him and said, “Yes. Of course,” and gave him the biggest hug. “Then put this ring on before I drop it!” Sonia did and like always…. they both laughed.

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