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Pasadena Engagement: Ruben loves Mayra

It would be a Homecoming Dance that would first bring them together, but Ruben and Mayra did not go together. In fact, Ruben did not go at all. He had already graduated from high school and was just hanging out sending off his little sister to her high school dance. One of his sister’s friends caught his eye… and his heart.
He had to make a move. Unfortunately, so did Mayra. She had to move to New York for school A few days before going off to college, Ruben told her how he felt about her.
If he was clear about how he felt, he was bit unclear on asking her for a date. Mayra thought she was being invited as part of a group of friends. Yes, to Ruben’s dismay his sister and her other friends showed up to dinner. By the second date, which was now actually their first real date, Ruben had learned his lesson and was straight forward with Mayra and asked her out again. This time they were alone in AppleBee’s and Mayra began to fall in love. The quiet, super shy guy had her leaning in for a kiss at the end of the night.
Mayra soon learned she was loved by most honest, caring, loving, and funniest man. Ruben always placed others before himself, whether it was to his loved ones or to strangers on the street. He literally could not lie and the truth was he loved her… even when Mayra was on the other side of the country. In the four years of their long distance relationship, he would send her, “care packages,” spend his weekend nights Skyping her, and traveling to NY to visit.
Ruben loved Mayra because he saw her beauty inside and out. She was caring, kind, supportive and loved his humor. With her, he could be his less cool, dorky self. She brought out the best in him and made him strive to be a better man. She encouraged him to reach for his goals and supported him when he needed a helping hand. He loved how she cared for others before she cared for herself. He could tell her anything. She soon became his best friend and his true love.
Ruben took advantage of Mayra being in New York for school and went to her brother’s house to get his help with translating the words he would say to get her parents to receive their blessings. After spending a few weeks trying to plan how to get their families together, he decided that Christmas eve would be the best day to do it. With their families there, he gave her large a box that read “MAYRA.” Within that box was a smaller box that read “WILL.” Finally, the last box read “YOU” on the lid. Within that box was a small pandora charm in the shape of a ring that said, “Marry Me.” Along, the walls of the inner box, were images of them together at their many different adventures. By the time Mayra opened the final box, Ruben was already kneeling, with the ring in the box ready to go. He asked her, “Mayra, Will You Marry Me?”

Mayra said, “Yes!”

This Story was captured by A Story in Time Photography. If you are interested in your Engagement or Wedding Story being captured, please contact us through our WEBSITE.

“A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we love….forever… in a Story in Time.”

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    A picture captures a moment in life, a reason to remember, holding the ones we LOVE... FOREVER.. in a Story in Time.