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Corona del Mar Engagement: Erik loves Michelle

He was far from being a sweet talker. In fact, Erik could not talk. What came easily over the phone and by text was an almost impossible feat in person. And there he was on his first date with Michelle at Dave & Busters. His phone could no longer be crutch. He had to talk. After some drinks and games, he finally worked up the courage to to ask her if he could hold her hand. Michelle did not know it then, but he handing his heart over to be held.
Michelle gambled on a second date, figuratively and literally. Her mom had given her tickets to the Corona Del Mar Race Track and she decided to invite Erik. If anyone was betting on a great start to the date, they lost. Erik arrived two hours late saved only by the flowers in his hands. Michelle had hoped that their drive to San Diego would be filled with conversation but Erik’s silence was deafening. He didn’t say a word for the entire drive. Once again, Michelle has no clue he was observing, thinking and falling in love with the girl who could talk a mile a minute. In the end, the second date was not a complete disaster, they did have a good time and Michelle proved to be his good luck charm. Erik won BIG at the races! But what he really wanted to win was her love and so once again he asked her out.
The third time was a charm. Erik took her to Newport Beach for a dinner and a romantic walk on the beach. This time, he opened up. If silence is golden, then Erik’s words were worth so much more. Michelle fell in love.

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